Amy Christensen shares that “the Library is thrilled to announce the availability of a new online historical research tool free for anyone who has access to the Internet.”

Advantage Preservation is equally thrilled. We are proud that we were chosen by library to help in offering the historical Winterset Madisonian online. This newspaper dates back to 1871. This represents 100 years of history, available online and fully searchable.

The greatest thing about the new digital catalog is the keyword search ability. If you are doing a research project on the fluctuations in monarch migration in the last 100 years, a search by the terms, “monarch butterfly” returned 2,208 instances, a link directly to the page, including the title, date and page number, and a short summary of the content. 

She continues to tell us about a newspaper article she was able to locate as a result of her search for the term “monarch butterfly”.  She shares her findings, and also explains the significance.  Amy’s article can be found here:

The archive is available here.

and provides access to the Winterset Madisonian and all its title variations from 1871-1977.