Advantage Preservation was recently featured in The Pantagraph, a central Illinois publication, for the completion of a microfilm digitization project to create access to the Atlanta Argus Newspaper. The Atlanta Argus Newspaper was previously preserved on microfilm, but the digitization will make it easier for library patrons to view the paper from the comfort of their home and is also keyword searchable. Thanks to the Atlanta Library, the Atlanta Argus Newspaper is now digitally accessible from 1869 to 1983,  here.

“Patrons of the Atlanta Library and Museum can now access its collections of Atlanta Argus newspapers and Atlanta High School yearbooks online, thanks to recently completed digitization projects.

A grant from The Woods Foundation paid for Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Advantage Preservation to digitally preserve the newspaper editions from 1869 to 1983, and a free program through an unexpected source — the Oklahoma Department of Corrections — digitized the yearbooks from 1919 to 1972.”

Although the article mentions that the Argus was “digitally preserved”, Advantage Preservation believes that newspaper digitization is an enhancement to microfilm collections, and archival microfilming is still the preferred preservation standard. Since the Argus had been preserved on microfilm previously, unlocking this content digitally was inexpensive and  provided for far greater accessibility.

Kevin Barlow goes on to describe the value of this access and how the patrons use their archives. I encourage you to read the article in it’s entirety here.