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Archiving our history – North Platte Genealogical Society (NE)

The North Platte Telegraph of North Platte Nebraska published an article last week on longtime North Platte-area historian Ruby Coleman and her efforts to create a searchable database of North Platte’s historic newspapers.

The North Platte Genealogical Society, of which Coleman is president, partnered with Advantage to digitize historic newspapers from 1870 into the 1960s. The historic newspapers are now keyword searchable and easily accessible at

The North Platte Telegraph recently used the North Platte  Advantage database to create The Telegraph’s forthcoming book “Canteen: As It Happened.”, a limited-edition collector’s book featuring day-to-day reporting on North Platte’s wartime troop-train oasis.

Without the Genealogical Society’s database, it would have taken hundreds of hours of microfilm work to produce the book — assuming tired eyes didn’t overlook articles. “Canteen: As It Happened,” will be released by The Telegraph May 5th.

The microfilm rolls digitized for the project were borrowed from the Nebraska State Historical Society’s Lincoln vaults. Twenty-five other rolls, covering issues that collection didn’t cover, were loaned by the North Platte library.

“I thought, ‘Well, it’d take two to three years to get it done,’” Coleman said Friday. “It only took less than six months.”

Visitors can now search, browse, print out or save electronic PDF copies of North Platte-based papers as far back as the New Year’s Day 1870 issue of the Platte Valley Independent.

Not only used for genealogical and historical research for area residents, the Archive has provided The Telegraph with a resource to present the amazing story of the Canteen, as it unfolded through the pages of The Telegraph and the Daily Bulletin, while some of those who lived the tale are still with us.

To read the full article featured in the North Platte Telegraph and for more information on the project visit