Advantage Preservation:

Bossard to Offer Digital Newspapers Online

Advantage Preservation is pleased to announce the completion of a recent project with the Bossard Memorial Library of Gallipolis, Ohio to digitize every newspaper printed in Gallipolis since 1895. Titles including the Daily Times, Sunday Times-Sentinel and The Gallipolis Daily Tribune have been converted from microfilm to a digital, keyword searchable archive available online at

The microfilm was sent to our location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where it was scanned, digitized and made available online.

Bossard Memorial Library director Debbie Saunders acknowledged the limitations of the microfilm at the library in terms of accessibility. “While it was great that patrons could come in and search the microfilm in house, it wasn’t searchable in a real efficient way,” said Saunders. “We now have an online searchable index of every paper since 1895.”

The Advantage hosted Digital Archives of the Bossard Memorial Library allow patrons to search by title, browse by year or keyword with filters as well as crop, and download each page of the newspaper.

The project was made possible with the support of community members and the Library’s Technology Fund as well as the the publisher of the Gallipolis Daily Tribune for granting permission for the digitization and indexing of the Tribune.

“We just believed in the value of it and what it will do for people in terms of their research capability, even if you’re not doing real in-depth research you can learn a lot about local history or family members,” said Saunders.

We at Advantage are also excited to learn of the library’s eagerness to put the database to use with Bossard offering an online online scavenger hunt from January 21 through 27.

Participants will use the new database to research and answer questions with a prize drawing for those who manage to successfully answer them all.

For more information on the Advantage and Bossard Memorial Library project you can find the article published Saturday by the Gallipolis Daily Tribune – Accessing the Past in Print.

You can also read more on the project or participate in the Digital Archives Scavenger Hunt directly on the Bossard Memorial Library website.