Advantage Preservation was featured in a recent article and tribute to a friend of the Brown County Public Library in Mount Sterling, Illinois, who’s family left a “legacy of love” with the library in the form of a memorial for their mother. A memorial that honors her passion for history, while also becoming a historical gift for generations to come.

Wanda L. Busen (1929-2016) of Mt. Sterling was a passionate historian and by all accounts, simply a wonderful presence at the Brown County Public library. As a historian with interests in family history and research, Wanda was no stranger to the libraries microfilm machine, as our articles author Robin Walker describes:

“Anyone interested in historical research knows the ‘delight’ of the microfilm machine. A huge clumsy machine that is awkward to operate, visually prohibitive and time-consuming.”

While the libraries microfilm provides preservation in the form of a 500-year shelf life, it is understandably not always the most user friendly in terms of access.

Wanda herself shared her dream for improvements in the accessibility of the libraries historical records for future generations and this dream was made a reality when her children memorialized their mother by converting the Brown County Public Library District’s microfilm archives to a searchable digital archive website.

Advantage Preservation is proud to have provided our services for this special project that now sees over 100 years (1837-2005) of collections, including the Illinois Weekly Message, Brown County Republican, Brown County Democrat and Democrat-Message on a searchable digital format and available online at

“The Advantage Preservation Company is well versed in transforming historical paper documents from many sources such as yearbooks, historical annals, organizational anniversaries/celebrations, newspapers, record books; virtually any historical paper source can be preserved by Advantage.”

Wanda’s daughter, Becky Long, shared her first experiences testing the archive website created by Advantage Preservation – “by putting in her father’s name. To the family’s delight an old tale about Mr. Busen Playing baseball was validated by an article.”

A task that once would have resulted in a time consuming search for Wanda was now available for immediate access anywhere.

The Wanda Busen Memorial Digital Archives of the Brown County Public Library is a valuable resource for the community and truly a gift for future generations.

You can access the article from the Brown County Democrat Message HERE.