Connecting Fairmont Minnesota To Its Past

By: Jeffrey Kiley - Advantage Archives
The museum is finding new ways to make history accessible through interactive exhibits, renovations and a partnership with Advantage Archives to digitize their microfilm collection. 

On March 14th the community newspaper of Fairmont MN,The Sentinel, highlighted the Martin County Historical Societies continuing commitment to making Fairmont’s history accessible. Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing it first hand. On my visit to the historical society in Southern MN, I had the opportunity to spend some time in their archive room as well as visit with the society’s director, Lenny Tvedten.  I could have spent hours in their archive room reading through the history contained in the books and records found there.

  Everything in the public domain that’s 75 years or older will be online, and the newer will be right here at the museum. 

Lenny Tvedten – Director Of The Martin County Historical Society

Mr. Tvedten told the Sentinel that the digitization will allow for ease of research by staff, as well as allow research from anywhere in the world. In addition, it is a preservation effort to help save the microfilm itself.  You can read the full article on the Sentinel’s website.

The more than 650 reels of microfilm, and over 20 books documenting the people places and events that shaped Fairmont will be made available online and within the museum via Advantage’s Community History Archives.

This online search platform is user friendly and easy to learn. We focused on making it as simple as possible, so that everyone…from students to grandparents (and everyone in between) can browse, search, view, clip and share articles, headlines, pages, and stories recorded in the pages of the community newspaper.

Just type a keyword and hit “enter” or browse to a specific year, month, day or page in any (or all) publications contained in the archive.

We fully recognize that the history recorded in the pages of a community’s newspaper is invaluable. It puts historical events in perspective, allows us to view those events through the lens of someone who was there and witnessed “history as it happened”. It also allows us to connect to our past in a real and tangible way. This cultural asset must be protected and preserved so future generations can can have access to the “first draft of history”.

On their website, you will find the history Of The Martin County Historical Society which came into existence on February 2, 1929, at the Martin County Courthouse at which time the constitution was adopted.

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