Advantage Preservation:

Library launches digital archive of historic newspapers

The launch of the Cranston Public Library digital archive was featured in the Cranston Herald this week.

The Cranston Public Library launched the new digital archive of local historic Cranston newspapers. This archive is free and available online at The archive has full .pdf scans of Cranston newspapers from 1885-1975.

The list of available newspapers is: Cranston Herald (1936-1975), Cranston City Times (1921-1925), Cranston Herald Today (1975), Cranston Leader (1889-1890), Cranston News (1922-1939), Cranston Today (1972-1975), Howard Times (1885-1905), Herald News (1939-1940), Cranston Herald News (1939) and Neighborhood News (1930).

Advantage scanned with full Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which will allow for keyword searching for specific names, topics, etc. Other advanced searching options are also available.

This digital archive was funded by a grant from the Champlin Foundation. To read more about the project you can visit the Cranston Public Library website or contact Advantage account manager Grant Kaestner.