Go to the Mansfield Richland County Library website to look up old newspapers. It's free.

By: Matt Kiley - Advantage Archives
History and genealogy buffs interested in looking up old newspapers in Richland County no longer will have to drive to Mansfield to do research.

An Advantage Preservation project was featured in the Mansfield News Journal this week as the The Mansfield Memorial Museum, in cooperation with the Mansfield-Richland County Public Library, the Richland County chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society and the Ohio Geneological Society, digitized a total of 51 microfilm reels of 17 early newspapers from Mansfield, Butler and Bellville, published from 1823 to 1922.

 This is part of all four organizations’ ongoing efforts to preserve our past for the future. 

Scott Schaut – Curator Mansfield Museum

The 51 microfilm reels were sent to Advantage Archives where they were digitized and added to the Richland County Digital Newspaper Archive. The collection includes over 40,000 pages covering the years 1823-1923 and includes Mansfield newspapers in addition to newspapers from Bellville and Butler. Those looking to research the newspapers no longer will have to drive to Mansfield to use microfilm as they can access the content from anywhere; with no membership or login required.

Scott Schaut, curator of the Mansfield Memorial Museum said “All four local organizations are working together with one goal: to give free access to these newspapers,” “This is the first time that people can access these old newspapers without microfilm or online newspapers by subscription. This is a gift from our organizations to this community.”

Schaut is asking organizations in Richland County that have an inventory of their physical newspapers if they would allow him to get a copy of their papers. He also is interested in old newspapers from the 19th century that individuals may have in order to see them and preserve them. He said he is looking to find copies of two local newspapers in particular, The Olive and The Richland-Jeffersonian.

“This is part of all four organizations’ ongoing efforts to preserve our past for the future,” he said.

To learn more about the project you can read the full article in the Mansfield News Journal or contact our account manager Larry Eckhardt.

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