Advantage Preservation is pleased to be continuing our work with the State Historical Society of Iowa to preserve Iowa’s newspaper history. Currently, we are working to preserve the more than 1.3 million newspaper pages since 2004 that have not yet been microfilmed.

In 2009, due to budget cuts and other funding limitations, the state was forced to stop their ongoing efforts to preserve “current” newspapers to microfilm. We recognize the immediate need to prevent any further increase in the “preservation gap” that has been created.

Advantage has collaborated with libraries to preserve well over 1/2 a million of these “contemporary newspaper” pages to microfilm. However, in that same time period, the State Historical Society Of Iowa has amassed nearly 900,000 additional newspaper pages, adding to the estimated 450,000 pages published between 2004 – 2009. These 1.3 million pages of “recent history” are at risk of being lost, and that number is growing at a pace of over 200,000 pages each year.

To achieve our mission to ensure that Iowa’s “First draft of history” is available and accessible for generations to come, we continue to work directly with libraries, whose funding sources for preserving newspapers include, HRDP grants from the Department of Cultural Affairs, as well as local and community grants. While libraries currently supplement those grants through donations, sponsorships, friends of the library programs and independent fundraising efforts, Advantage Archives would like to help identify additional funding sources to microfilm the yet to be preserved pages and provide digitization services if needed.

We believe the preservation of our collective history is a shared responsibility, and we encourage you to “Get Involved”.

Each line item listed on this page represents a date range of newspapers to be preserved to a reel of microfilm.

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If you are interested in helping to ensure that your community’s recent history is preserved for future generations, please contact us today!

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