Dover (New Hampshire) High School yearbooks are now available online thanks to the Dover Public Library. The Sea Coast Online highlighted the Advantage project that digitized the collection to create a keyword searchable database of yearbooks from 1915 and 1945-2013.

The database is available to access online for free at

Dover Public Library director Cathleen Beaudoin commented on early interest in the site. “Our normal number of online searches per week of the Dover City Directories averages 15-17 sessions. Since we put an announcement on Facebook and in the local newspaper that we now have the high school yearbooks online, our searches this week are 860 users and 1.1k sessions!”

“There are a variety of searches you can perform. You can enter “Dover High School” and the year in the search box to browse through the entire yearbook. You can limit a search to a student or teacher name, or by the year or decade. You may also search by extracurricular activity like Band, or a sport. You can even search by “Class Clown.””