Advantage Preservation:

Lincoln County News & Skidompha Partner to Digitize Newspaper Archives

The Lincoln County News and Skidompha Public Library of Damariscotta, Maine are working together to fund a project with Advantage that would make the complete archives of The Lincoln County News available to the public online for the first time.

Currently, the Lincoln County News archives from 1942-2007 are available in hard copy only at the newspaper’s office. Archives prior to 1942 exist only in hard copy in a climate-controlled room at the Lincoln County Courthouse, but little to no public access is possible due to the documents’ fragile condition.

Thanks to a grant from the Burns Family Foundation, the library has raised $30,000 so far to digitize their archive and hope to complete the funding by the end of the year. Once all funding is raised, Advantage will receive newspapers from 1874 – current day to be microfilmed and digitized.

Kathy Maclachlan, Skidompha’s staff genealogist commented on the value of the digitization of the archives saying “It would be the single greatest help to the area” with regard to genealogical research. While vital records and census data can provide some of the facts of an ancestor’s life, a searchable digital archive of the newspaper would help provide context and “give flesh to the bones of families’ stories,”

“On a weekly basis, I say how much easier certain research would be if we had access to this. It’s going to have such an impact,” Maclachlan said. “This is so important to our understanding of ourselves and where we belong and where we’ve come from.”

To read the full article on the Skidompha Newspaper Project published in the Lincoln County News on October 26, 2018, you can visit the library website. You can also support the digitization of the Lincoln County News archives and give to Skidompha Library’s fall fundraising campaign by going to or by calling the library’s development office at 563-1940.