Local History Is Just A Click Away

Wayne County Public Library

Local history is now just a click away for residents of Monticello, Kentucky as the Wayne County Public Library recently completed a digitization project with Advantage of the Wayne County Outlook newspaper. You can now access a digital version of the Wayne County Outlook, from the first volume on May 26 1904 – June 2016 at waynecounty.advantage-preservation.com.

Microfilm of the Wayne County Outlook was sent to Advantage Preservation and digitized to create a keyword searchable database easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Advantage hosted community archive also allows the ability to browse by year, decade, date range, keyword, or phrase. A recent article on the project featured in the Wayne County Outlook highlighted the “advantages” of digitization. “Looking for information about a specific event, business, or person? Just type it in and the database will show you every past edition in which it’s mentioned! This is a great resource for those doing project research, genealogy, or even those who are just curious about our past.”

Exploring local history from old newspapers can be both fun and educational. It is the first draft of events as they happened and provides insight into just how much things have or in some cases haven’t changed over time.

Digitized newspapers are also a great community tool for genealogy with the ability to search by name for birth announcements, death announcements and news on relatives.

The article in the Wayne County Outlook goes on to outline the importance of microfilming for preservation of newspapers and digitization for access as the newsprint deteriorates over time.

“The newspapers were stored at our library on microfilm for many years, or in hard-copy
until they could be transferred to microfilm. This change became wide-spread during the mid-century. If you aren’t sure what microfilm is, imagine photograph negatives but on a roll of film. It served as a way for documents to be stored in a space-saving manor by downsizing images. Library visitors would access the microfilm using a microfilm reader which projected and magnified the documents on film, and a reader printer so they could take their findings with them. As technology improved, the need for an update to the preservation of these records became more and more evident. There was no doubt that The Outlook would be a treasure to many in the future, and so the digitalization of the archive was decided upon.”

To read the complete article on the Advantage Wayne County Outlook project you can visit their website at WCOutlook.com. If you have any questions on the project or the Wayne County Public Library Archive you can contact account the Advantage account manager Larry E.