Advantage Preservation is working with the Henry Public Library on digitizing the newspaper microfilm in their collection.

Microfilming serves as the standard practice for the preservation of newspaper content, but is difficult to effectively use as a research tool. Preservation practices and accessibility do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts, and the staff at Henry Public Library recognized the wealth of content that was virtually undiscoverable contained in the microfilm.

 This is where digitization comes in to play as an enhancement to the microfilm collection.  Digitization of the collection will allow for easier and more efficient access both for researchers and Henry Public Library staff. 

The archives are available here.

Currently the earliest newspaper is from 1896 and the latest is in 1965 (there are gaps – both because we have more reels to digitize and because we do not have all of the historical newspapers).

This is an ongoing project of the Henry Public Library and is being funded by donations and the Library Per Capita Grant from the Secretary of States Office.

Please visit their site at Henry Public Library or call the library at 364-2516 with questions or to schedule a demonstration.