Shaun Kirby recently wrote an article for the NK Standard Times about the project by North Kingstown Public Library to provide access to historical editions of The Standard Times’ dating back as far as 1888.

In the article, Director Cyndi Desrochers was quoted as saying “I think this is really awesome“. We agree Cyndi, we think it is pretty awesome too, and Advantage Preservation was thrilled to be a part of it.

The library partnered with Advantage Preservation, an Iowa-based company that specializes in converting newspaper collections to digital formats. Desrochers said the entire project cost the library approximately $10,000.

“We just sent most of our microfilmed copies of the paper to them, and they

digitized it,” said Desrochers. “It wasn’t cheap, but [Advantage Preservation] are really easy to work with, and we had enough money at end of year to be able to do it.”

Reads Shaun’s article here.

And visit our friends at the North Kingstown Public Library