Past Easton Journals available at Ames Free Library (MA)

Past issues of the Easton Journal are now available to search online, thanks to a collaboration between the Ames Free Library and Advantage Preservation.

An article featured on Wicked Local – Easton outlined that project which currently has the Easton Journal issues from 2017 and 2018 on offer with the Library adding the most recent year of Journals annually.

In Library use only at the Ames Free Library, The Easton Journal database allows you to search all 2017 and 2018 issues

The library has described this as “just the beginning of a digital archive for Easton” — as the library is looking into the possibility of adding even older issues.

Ames Free Library director Uma Hiremath also had kind words for the Advantage platform. “This is such an elegant option,” said Hiremath, “This is all viewable from any computer in the library. You open the database, and search by a person’s name, by a place or an event, and your results will just pop right up.”

In addition to the ease of use and access that comes with digitization, preserving these issues digitally protects the information from being permanently damaged by environmental factors like temperature, humidity, water or fire. “We take maintaining our local history very seriously, and we found this to be absolutely the best option to ensure this information is available for future generations,” said Hiremath.

The Advantage Community history archive is a terrific resource for Easton residents who are interested in researching recent Easton events, obituaries and local interest stories.

Access is provided within the library’s own network at

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