Advantage Preservation:

Paulding Library Launches Digital Newspaper and School Yearbook Site

The launch of the Paulding County Carnegie Library online newspaper and school yearbook archive was featured in The West Bend News yesterday. The Advantage Preservation project to digitize and provide access to the libraries microfilmed newspaper collection and historic school yearbook collection was met with much excitement.

“We have been working towards this historic archive since the technology was introduced many years ago,” stated Susan Pieper, Library Director. “It has been a long-time vision to provide online access to our microfilmed newspaper collection. This project aligns with the Board of Trustee’s Strategic Plan which focuses on five areas, one of which is Discover Your Roots: Genealogy and Local History.”

Melinda Krick, editor of The Paulding Progress shared, “I’ve used it several times already, and it’s truly amazing what you can find. I’ve searched some personal family history/genealogy items as well as information for work. It’s helpful that there’s different ways to narrow a search, such as choosing specific newspapers or choosing a particular decade. The matches by decade can be interesting because you can see the time frame where your search item has the most “hits.” So many times we’ve tried to research something, and it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack unless you had a date to go by. This makes research so much easier and productive. I have the site bookmarked on my computer!”

The Advantage Community History Archive created for the Paulding Library can be accessed online from anywhere and is available at

The library will also be hosting classes to demonstrate to how to best use the digital archive. Classes are scheduled for Saturday, May 5th and Thursday, May 10th.

“It is easy to get lost browsing through the archives,” stated Ali McCauley, Assistant Director and Head of Adult Services. “I can get lost looking at old ads, community events, crime stories and more.”

To read the complete article on the Advantage Paulding County Carnegie Library project please visit The West Bend News.