Renovations boost experience at Pioneer Museum in Fairmont

By: Matt Kiley - Advantage Archives
The Sentinel of Fairmont, Minnesota published an update on a recent Advantage Preservation project this week.

The article recognizes the Martin County Historical Society’s efforts to digitize all its microfilmed newspapers for anything in the public domain (75 years or older).

The digitized archives can be accessed through the Martin County Historical Society’s website, and are available to anyone in the world. The site allows for researchers to find information via word search, which will save time compared to flipping through physical copies.

  Everything in the public domain that’s 75 years or older will be online, and the newer will be right here at the museum. 

Lenny Tvedten – Director Of The Martin County Historical Society

“If it’s beyond the public domain, we’ll still have that here in the museum,” said museum curator Jim Marushin. “So if you want to look up more recent things, we’ve got our media station set up in there and we can help out with that. As the next year’s public domain gets released, then that year’s newspaper will be available on the public website.”

The digitization will allow for ease of research by staff, as well as allow research from anywhere in the world. In addition, it is a preservation effort to help save the microfilm itself.

The more than 650 reels of microfilm, and over 20 books documenting the people places and events that shaped Fairmont will be made available online and within the museum via Advantage’s Community History Archives.

To read the full article examining all of the exciting developments with our friends at the Pioneer Museum in Fairmont, please visit The Sentinel.

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