An Advantage Preservation project was featured recently in Nebraska’s Sidney Sun-Telegraph, as Sidney Public Library’s digital archive was made available and was “met with instant success”.

The text searchable online archive provides a welcome alternative to searching a reel of microfilm according to library director Andrew Sherman.

“We get a lot of requests from people to find information in the old local newspapers we have on microfilm,” said Mr. Sherman, “and the issue we have is, if the person doesn’t have a good idea of the date or a fairly limited date range for us to search, with our staff, it’s just not practical for us.”

The microfilm was scanned, indexed and OCR’d by Advantage Preservation to create a searchable database available online at With advanced search features, the digital archive makes it easy to search by name or keyword as well as narrow results by a date range.

Mr. Sherman also shared early experiences with the tool putting it to use with patrons immediately after launch. “The next day we had three people from out of town who happened to drop in,” “Two were looking for information on their ancestors, one was a husband and wife author couple researching a book, and we able to use it right out of the gate to find information for all three of them.”

“It’s amazing how much more valuable this tool is for making that history and information so accessible to everybody.” he said.

The collection includes titles from 1870 on including the Sidney Telegraph, Sidney Sun Telegraph, Telegraph, Sidney Daily Sun, Telegraph News and Sidney News.

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