An Advantage Preservation Digital Archive was featured in the Boothbay Register of Boothbay Harbor Maine on Sunday.

The article provides information on a new program introduced this summer from the Skidompha and Damariscotta Libraries, in which appointments can be made to preserve vital records contained within a family Bible or other book.

“For generations, many families recorded important dates by inscribing them within family Bibles. Eventually, printers of Bibles began to include special pages between the major sections of the Bible for this purpose. These might be found between the Old Testament and the New Testament or between the Apocrypha and the Old and New Testaments. Sadly, many of these family treasures are ending up at the transfer station, discarded with the current generation unaware of the unique information these volumes often contain. And even if not discarded, some pages likely will become increasingly fragile over time, eventually crumbling or becoming illegible.”

Patrons can provide a flash drive to receive a digital copy of the records. The data can also be added to the Advantage Preservation hosted Skidompha Online Digital Archive.

You can access this archive at

To read the full article in the Boothbay Register click HERE.

An image of vital genealogical records, often contained within the pages of old family Bibles. They risk of being destroyed or discarded. Courtesy of Skidompha Library.