Library Director Kristin Baumann, says The Block Island Collection including  more than just The Block Island Times.  It holds old town records, books, voting lists, hotel brochures, school yearbooks, post cards, and much more.

An article outlining the effort can be read in the Block Island Times:

From the article:

Baumann hired a company called Advantage Preservation, which works with municipalities all over the country.

“We had to decide what to start with, and we started with The Block Island Times. That’s what most people come in to look at first if they’re looking to find something out — an obituary, a bit of information they’ve heard, something about Deepwater Wind,” said Baumann. “We’ve always bound the newspapers for our visitors, but we never catalogued them.”

The library sends off the bound copies of the paper to Advantage Preservation, which takes them apart, scans the pages, rebinds the papers and catalogues what they have scanned. Baumann said that most libraries don’t want their old papers back, “but we said, no, no, no. We want them back.”

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