Commercial Industries & Markets We Serve

Advantage IMS provides comprehensive document management and imaging solutions to organizations across the country.  We pride ourselves in our consultative approach and fully recognize the importance of fast and practical access to business-critical documents and their impact on your bottom line.  We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your organization. We do not have an “out-of-the-box” approach to digital conversions. Our experience substantiates the common-sense premise that every client’s needs are somewhat different, even within the same industry, government agency, and application area. As a result, we customize every Advantage IMS project to specific client requirements

Advantage’s successful project management and data conversion experience are backed up by outstanding references for city, county, and state governments, universities, clinics, hospitals, and almost every other paper-intensive industry. We are proud to serve a diverse group of clients, including Manufacturing,  Health Care, Federal,  State & Local Government,  Education,  Testing,  Insurance,  Investments,  Bio-Technology,  and  Historical Preservation! We have converted millions of documents not only from paper but also from microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and bound materials. Our ability to deliver client applications in a wide variety of formats has proven itself successful in a broad range of industries & applications. We focus on:

  • Laboratory Reports & Notebooks
  • Litigation
  • Loans & Mortgages
  • Material Data Safety Sheets
  • MSDS Medical Records Management
  • New Drug Applications
  • NDA Public Filings
  • Copyrights & Royalties
  • Case Report Files
  • CRFs
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Human Resource Files
  • Transcripts
  • Trust Files
  • Publications
  • Quality Control
  • Claims Credit Files
  • Engineering Reports & Drawings
  • Rare Documents
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Files
  • Signature Cards
  • Student Records
  • Surveys
  • Technical Reports
  • Accounts Payable
  • Contracts

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Markets

We have been the preferred vendor for providing quality imaging and document management services for banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and related financial services companies. Applications range from signature cards to loan files, contracts, analyst reports, underwriting, client files, and other critical functions. These industries have always responded to the importance of governmental reporting by maintaining meticulous records. We have supported this crucial function for years, beginning with micrographics conversions and, more recently, with document scanning. We anticipate that the focus on corporate responsibility will accelerate the need for the maintenance of vital records in an easily accessible fashion.

  • Escrow Companies
  • Lending Institutions
  • Holding Companies
  • Brokerages
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Title and Abstract Companies
  • Corporate AP/AR and Accounting Departments
  • Financial Advisers
  • Tax Preparation Companies
  • Credit Unions 

The Health Care Industry

Although patient chart conversions can vary anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of images, at Advantage Information Management Solutions, we understand that EVERY page may become critical when researched. EVERY page must be as legible as the original, no pages omitted, and the data entered to identify the patient must be accurate. These three essentials have driven our focus on document scanning and conversionquality control over the years. Every document scanning and conversion proposal from Advantage Information Management Solutions details the steps we take to ensure compliance.

The professionals at Advantage have been converting medical files since 2003. Initially, our work was all done using microfilm or microfiche; however, in the last five years, the majority of our medical records scanning and conversions have been to digital formats. In addition to Patient Charts, we have converted Explanation of Benefits, Ambulance Call Reports, Medical Practice Management Services, Employee Medical Files, Laboratory Notebooks, Fetal Traces, Technical Reports, and any other business-critical documents identified by our clients. We work with:

  • Labs
  • Immediate Care Centers
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Palliative Care Providers
  • Dentists, Orthodontists, & Oral Surgeons
  • Medical Research Facilities
  • Optometrists
  • OBGYN & Pediatric Clinics
  • Private Practitioners
  • Physical Therapy & Wellness Centers

Manufacturing Industry

In today’s economic environment, manufacturers must increase their overall business efficiency and reduce costs to remain competitive. Pressures to reduce product life cycles, improve quality, enforce standards, and comply with regulations make it vital for this sector to implement a document scanning and conversion solution. Advantage Archives can assist by converting paper-based documents such as shipping/warehouse receipts, CAD drawings, letters, standard forms, reports, and even emails into a digital format that can be searched and retrieved for viewing or printing.

The team at Advantage has been converting files for manufacturers for nearly a decade. We answer customer or vendor inquiries within hours, not days or weeks. We provide access to information and resources to branch offices, remote workers, partners, and vendors fast and efficiently.

 Scan your manufacturing records

Have you looked at your manufacturing records management processes recently to see how it affects your bottom line in terms of facilities costs, product liability protection, and labor costs? If you haven’t, you are not alone. One of the key findings of a newly released data governance survey, conducted by Rand Secure Data, found that 44% of companies don’t have a comprehensive data governance policy, and 22% of firms without a data policy have no plans to implement one. This omission could be costing you – big time.

What Is “Data Governance”?

In the simplest terms, data governance is your ability to create order around your data – to record, organize, secure, and easily retrieve all of the data you create in the day-to-day operation of your business. If your organization is still operating in silos with every department or location controlling their separate filing systems, you are no doubt missing operational efficiencies, losing money, and opening yourself up to unnecessary product liability lawsuits.
Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Pick Lists, CAD drawings,  or even photographs – whatever you need to manufacture a product – all need to be retained. In fact, for legal reasons, many manufacturers need to maintain project files and manufacturing documentation for at least 30 years. That’s a lot of records.

Good data governance provides:

  • Easily accessible records by all departments
  • Performance data you can use to measure and improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Compliance with product liability records laws, regulations and protection in a lawsuit
  • Reduced materials and facilities storage costs
  • Reduced labor costs in pulling and re-filing paper documents

Creating a comprehensive policy for data governance is particularly challenging for manufacturers due to the mix of documents and data sources with which they need to work. Even in the age of electronic communication, many factory floors are still dependent on paper-intensive processes. While the rest of the company may be entirely digital, the actual factory could be a dusty, oily, industrial atmosphere, not conducive to electronic devices. In that environment, each order still needs a Project File, and that means you’re still dealing with a lot of paper.

Managing to “The Big Picture”

Keeping up with technological advances in every area of business is vital to success in the current business environment. Improving speed to market, inventory control, and supply chain management and reducing costs are all activities driven by new technology. Your ability to create a comprehensive plan and then efficiently and effectively manage your data may very well be the difference between success and failure, profit, and loss.

The level of electronic records management (ERM) you need depends on the scope of your business and applicable operational and regulatory requirements you need to meet. Smaller companies with relatively simple processes may be able to convert to ERM on a DIY basis with a simple organizational system created by the business. However, the larger, more complex, and paper-intensive your processes, the more you’ll want to take a hard look at the ROI of managing this conversion yourself or hiring an expert to manage the project for you. Here are some questions you must answer before you can make a decision:

  • Can you handle substantial volumes?
  • What are your labor costs?
  • Is there a large, existing repository of documents that need to be sorted, organized, scanned, and indexed?
  • Do you have the space for large scanners, or does it make more sense to have the project completed off-site?
  • How many departments will be affected by the changes to your existing processes?
  • Civil & Criminal Law
  • Family & Estate Law
  • Patent & Copyright Law
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Class Action Suits
  • Environmental Law
  • Business & Contract Law
  • Transactional Law

Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is a fast-changing, document-intensive industry. Manually processing shipping/warehouse receipts, material safety data sheets (MSDS), driver’s logs, copies of commercial driver licenses (CDL), bills of lading, generating invoices, and miscellaneous documents is a time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient process. In today’s current environment, you must evaluate issues such as profitability, competition, regulatory compliance, and the growing concern over rising costs.

As costs rise, Advantage Information Solutions understands the importance of finding ways to operate more efficiently and reduce expenses. A key factor is the transformation of paper-based processes into digital workflows. As a result, scanning these paper documents into a digital archive has emerged as a critical business process.

The team at Advantage IMS specializes in document scanning and cost reduction strategies for the transportation industry. Since 2003, we have been assisting companies in optimizing their customer service needs and information workflow by converting paper images into easy to manage digital files. Our proven strategies have helped our clients become more efficient and more profitable, giving them a competitive advantage over the competition.

Solutions We Offer

Whether your document is a day old or 200 years old, we have the technology, experience, and expertise to provide your library, historical societies, museums, and other institutions, with archiving and access options. We designed our solutions to fit your institution’s unique needs and budget restrictions. We specialize in Document Imaging, Preservation Microfilming Services, Microform Scanning, Digital Archive Hosting, and Document Management Solutions. We partner with libraries & historical societies just like yours to preserve their community’s past, make accessible in the present, and available in the future.

Preservation Microfilming Services

The history recorded in the documents from communities across the country is invaluable. Newspapers, atlases, almanacs, personal journals, directories, government documents, and even yearbooks can put historical events in perspective and allow us to view those events through the lens of someone who was there and witnessed “history as it happened.” It also allows us to connect to our past in a real and tangible way. This cultural asset must be protected and preserved so future generations can have access to the documents that would otherwise be lost to the erosion of time if they remained on fragile paper. The only true way to ensure its survival is through microfilming.

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Digital Archive Hosting

A digital archive allows you to give your historical documents a new life, and give your community an easy-to-use resource, by converting your local newspaper microfilm, and other historical documents, to a fully-searchable digital archive. The Community History Archives serve as a practical means to explore and discover content that was not easily accessible before. Preserving the historical content on microfilm ensures that the “first rough draft of history” is available for future generations. Using digitization as a supplement (not a replacement) to your long term archival strategy, it opens up an authentic way for the members of your community to connect with their history.

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Document Imaging

The content contained on paper documents give a firsthand account and informs our perspective of history, that shaped not only your community, but also your state, and the nation from a local perspective. Although historical newspaper imaging is our specialty, we have an equal passion for all historical documents, including vital records, family bibles, transcripts, journals, and more. All documents and fragile papers are evaluated and processed to assure proper care and accurate conversion. Our experience covers a broad range of document types from a few days, a few years, or even 300 years ago. All phases of the archival document imaging process, such as preparation, document scanning, document indexing, etc., are managed effectively by the experienced team at Advantage. We work closely with our clients through the entire lifecycle of the project utilizing proven project management and preservation methodologies.

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Information Management Solutions

Historical preservation is far from our only area of expertise! Our dedicated commercial document imaging solution division AdvantageIMS provides solutions for documents critical to your business or organization. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency. It is ours. We provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Advantage Archives’ commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves on our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.

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More Markets We Serve

We truly value our long-standing partnerships with libraries and publishers in communities across the United States. We have been privileged to help them preserve and provide online access to their community’s history, and share our vision of ensuring that documents from the past are accessible in the present, and available in the future. We also work with museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, colleges, universities, and more, to provide Document Imaging, Preservation Microfilming Services, Microform Scanning, Digital Archive Hosting, and Document Management Solutions.

Newspaper Publishers

Newspaper publishers have recorded their community’s “first draft of history” every day. We preserve that history, on microfilm, and partner with the publisher to make that protected content widely available to interested libraries and institutions in their community and beyond. Our processes meet or exceed all ANSI/AIIM Standards for microfilm preservation. The service is at no cost to our qualifying publishing partners. Once shipped to our facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the newspapers are handled and stored with care. Qualifying publishers will also enjoy a revenue-sharing opportunity on the content sold on a subscription basis to the interested libraries. As an additional benefit, we store the negative master copy at no additional charge in our state of the art vault under the publisher’s ownership. We are merely the custodian of the publisher’s intellectual property.

Government Agencies

The Advantage team has been closely monitoring the painful condition and trends in the budgets of our state governments. We are conscious of the fact that one of the hardest-hit areas over the past several years has been in document imaging and historical document preservation services in our government libraries, historical societies, archives, & other agencies. Often the cuts have been severe, and in many cases, these institutions have been underfunded or no longer receive funding at all. We have developed several service offerings and solutions in the wake of the ongoing budget cuts and resource allocations, and many provided at no cost to the state or its taxpayers.

Educational Institutions

Advantage Archives has been working with educational institutions of all sizes, public and private, for many years, and we understand the importance of the services they provide their students, their community, their state, and beyond. We have partnered with these college & university libraries, K-12 schools, & other educational institutions to provide subscriptions to newspapers on microfilm, preservation microfilming services, digital access solutions, and much, much more. We also recognize that administrations have become burdened with more paperwork than ever before. Dealing with paper-based business processes while struggling to comply with regulations such as NCLB, FERPA, and HIPAA is resource-intensive. Our document scanning and conversion solutions for educational institutions can help reduce costs, improve staff productivity, and provide superior service to departments, faculty, students, and parents.

Commercial Markets

Historical preservation is far from our only area of expertise! Our dedicated commercial document imaging solution division AdvantageIMS provides solutions to industries and government agencies everywhere. Businesses large and small value their partnership with Advantage, as much as we value ours with them. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency, but it is ours. We provide solutions tailored to your industries, including hospitals, universities, law firms, manufacturing companies, research firms, transportation, and any other business that generates paperwork. Advantage’s commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves on our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.

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Connect Your Community To Its History! Explore A Partnership With Advantage & Discover “History As it Happened “. Use the form below to connect with us, and let’s discuss ways we can ensure your local history is easily accessible!