Advantage is a proud partner of city, county, & state government agencies, archives, historical societies & state libraries across the county

Advantage Archives has been in the business of preserving historical documents for many years. We are a trusted partner to agencies and institutions across the country that have teamed with Advantage due to the experience and knowledge we have when it comes to archiving these old brittle documents, and the resources to make the content accessible to anyone at any time. We have preserved and provided online access to the historical newspapers in your communities, and have been doing so for years.

We also partner with your local government agencies, focusing on providing access to records that often get overlooked. Everything from land records to vital statistics, we are experienced with working on it all. We know that every project is different, so feel free to contact us at 855-303-2727 so we can further discuss how to meet the exact needs of your community.

Now more than ever city, county, and state agencies have prioritized the digitization and preservation of their documents, and the modernization of records management methodologies. Municipalities, county government offices, and especially in state libraries and historical societies are taking advantage of funds that have been made available for this sole purpose.

We are pleased to be working with recorders, treasurers, assessors, police departments, departments of transportation, planning, and any paper-intensive government agency that requires their records are not only preserved but completely accessible.

Advantage has been a valuable partner for the scanning needs of the Linn County Treasurer’s office for many years. The ease of searching their indexing allows my employees to have immediate access to hundreds of thousands of documents at their fingertips! They are a great company to work with! ~Sharon Gonzalez –  Linn County Treasurer

We will work with you to help locate and maximize any funding sources available to you, and the experienced consultants at Advantage Archives will work with your agency or department to customize a plan that will work in conjunction with current budget restraints, and as a complement to your existing operations.  Our current partnerships with several city, county, and state-level agencies have proven to offer MORE services at even LESS cost, allowing available funds to stretch even further.

We offer solutions that help local governments provide access to:

  • Deed Books
  • Indexes
  • Mortgage Records
  • Survey Books
  • Town and County Plats
  • Photographic Materials
  • Plans & Blueprints
  • Vital Records
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Property Transfer Books
  • Drainage Maps
  • Public Notices
  • Census Data
  • Public Health Records
  • … and almost anything else your agency might have that was printed on paper, captured to microform, or contained in a photographic medium. Our experience with these and other record types makes Advantage the obvious choice to entrust your records with. We can convert any material into an easily accessible PDF, a web-enabled database, or any other output and format that fits your requirements.
    Digitization Equates To More Efficiency And Accessibility

    We have been helping government agencies ensure that public records are easily accessible, and that crucial documents are readily available, indexed, and the information they contain is much more discoverable. This is going to save space in your facility and time looking for the information you and your citizens want and need.

    Our solutions provide greater efficiencies and less burden in fulfilling requests, performing research, and providing answers to inquiries that save both time and effort. For example, quickly search through your database by name, date range, keywords, etc., without the inconvenience (and expense) of dealing with a microfilm reader, cabinets of paper documents, boxes of records, or shelves of bound volumes.

    You need to consider accessibility to your valuable content. Advantage offers a user-friendly digital solution to research your materials via any document management system or utilizing our Community History Archive platform for a free hosted solution. Advantage digitizes records, plat books, maps, newspaper pages, meeting minutes, documents, and much, much more.

    After the source material is digitized, we apply OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to the digital image. We create the XML and derivative files, index, and ingest the images to your current CMS, or for hosting on the Community History Archive portal. Your patrons can browse, search, view, clip, and share the information within the parameters you specify.

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    Why should you partner with Advantage?

    Our goal is to not only increase efficiency on a day-by-day basis in your agency but ensure that these documents are available for generations to come. It is our mission to provide solutions that will help accomplish both objectives. We pride ourselves in our consultative approach and fully recognize the importance of fast and practical access to agency documents and their impact on the day-to-day operations, as well as long-term retention & access. It doesn’t matter if you engage Advantage in digital conversion of day-forward records, back-files, or as part of a preservation initiative, we apply the same care and quality to every piece of paper or photographic material we touch.  We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your unique needs. We do not have an “out-of-the-box” approach to digital conversions. Our experience substantiates the common-sense premise that every partner’s needs are somewhat different, even within the same agency, department, and application area.

    Some of the most important documents in the country are housed within our local government agencies. There are endless risks that come with not having a long-term archival copy, as well as a digital copy for ease of accessibility. We ensure that the content of these vital documents will never be lost or damaged. Our team is recognized as having some of the most well-respected preservation technicians in the industry, and they spend countless hours, week after week, year after year handling fragile and at-risk documents.

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    We Would Love The Opportunity To Discuss Your Needs And Explore Solutions:

    Let’s chat about how we can eliminate the endless filing cabinets, and take the libers off of that old shelf in the backroom. We can talk about ways to transform these critical documents into something that will live on forever and a much more organized and secure way of ensuring the future, and discuss funding options to make it all happen! We look forward to speaking with you soon and finding a solution to your specific needs. We have been working with the libraries in your community for years, and now it’s our turn to help you ensure that the past lives on in the future.

    Organizations in your community have trusted us for many years. We think you will agree that expanding our services to the government agencies in your community is a natural extension of the work we have already begun to ensure that the recorded history of your community is never forgotten, and will always be available. We work to keep your documents secure and handle these with extreme care. We know that much of this data may be private information, and we work to keep that information as secure as possible, ensuring that this information can live on forever and securely.

    Connect Your Community To Its History! Explore A Partnership With Advantage & Discover “History As it Happened. “ Use the form below to connect with us, and let’s discuss ways we can ensure your local history is easily accessible!

    Additional Solutions We Offer

    Whether your document is a day old or 200 years old, we have the technology, experience, and expertise to provide your library, historical societies, museums, and other institutions, with archiving and access options. We developed our solutions to fit your institution’s unique needs and budget restrictions. We specialize in Document ImagingPreservation Microfilming Services Microform Scanning,  Digital Archive Hosting, and Document Management Solutions.  We partner with libraries & historical societies just like yours to preserve their community’s past, make accessible in the present, and available in the future.

    Preservation Microfilming Services

    The history recorded in the documents from communities across the country is invaluable.  Newspapers, atlases, almanacs, personal journals, directories, government documents, and even yearbooks can put historical events in perspective and allow us to view those events through the lens of someone who was there and witnessed “history as it happened.” It also allows us to connect to our past in a real and tangible way. This cultural asset must be protected and preserved so future generations can have access to the documents that would otherwise be lost to the erosion of time if they remained on fragile paper. The only true way to ensure its survival is through microfilming.

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    Digital Archive Hosting

    A digital archive allows you to give your historical documents a new life, and give your community an easy-to-use resource,  by converting your local newspaper microfilm, and other historical documents, to a fully-searchable digital archive. The Community History Archives serve as a practical means to explore and discover content that was not easily accessible before. Preserving the historical content on microfilm ensures that the “first rough draft of history” is available for future generations. Using digitization as a supplement (not a replacement) to your long term archival strategy, it opens up a genuine way for the members of your community to connect with their history.

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    Document Imaging

    The content contained on paper documents give a firsthand account and informs our perspective of history, that shaped not only your community, but also your state, and the nation from a local perspective. Although historical newspaper imaging is our specialty, we have an equal passion for all historical documents, including vital records, family bibles, transcripts, journals, and more. All documents and fragile papers are evaluated and processed to assure proper care and accurate conversion. Our experience covers a broad range of document types from a few days, a few years, or even 300 years ago. All phases of the archival document imaging process, such as preparation, document scanning, document indexing, etc., are managed effectively by the experienced team at Advantage. We work closely with our clients through the entire lifecycle of the project utilizing proven project management and preservation methodologies.

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    Information Management Solutions

    Historical preservation is far from our only area of expertise! Our dedicated commercial document imaging solution division AdvantageIMS is dedicated to providing solutions for more documents critical to your business or organization. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency. It is ours. We provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Advantage Archives’ commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves on our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.

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