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Advantage Archives is partnering with communities to provide free, practical access to local history.

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The Community History Archives can be used on all Devices

Microfilm Digitization

Patrons that visit your institution will have a powerful tool that can save time by searching through your community’s history by name, date range, keywords, publication, or location…and not limited to a reel at a time or if a microfilm reader is occupied (or operational!).

Advantage Archives also offers a user-friendly digital solution to research your materials via our Community History Archives hosted solution.

Community History Archive Provides Practical Digital Access To Content

Community History Archives

Connect your community to its past with a Community History Archive, an easy-to-use yet powerful digital search platform. Advantage Archives hosts these “portals to the past” at no cost to your institution, so you, in turn, can offer free access to your community.

These free-to-use digital archives provide practical access to local primary resources that are available to anyone, at any time, on any device, for free!

Photographic Digitization

Digitization ensures that your photographs, negatives, or slides can be viewed anytime, anywhere, from any device, allowing you to relive those moments in the community through pictures of the people, places, and events that shaped your community!

These digital reproductions enable you to share those moments with others, while the original copy can be properly stored to preserve it and minimize handling.

Document Digitization

Printed, handwritten, and even drawn content contained in the city, county, state, personal, and even business documents provide invaluable insight into the people, places, events, and accounts in a “snapshot of time”.

Once digitized, these records, writings, and documents can be made easily accessible in a Community History Archive or provided to you to be used in your institution’s existing access solution.

Bound volumes of the Mesa News newspaper from the 1950s that were digitized by Advantage Archives

Digitization Of Bound Volumes

Books, journals, bound newspaper volumes, ledgers, scrapbooks, and other collated paper documents contain the accounts of the events, people, and places that shaped your community, state, and nation.

Digitizing these pages from the past minimizes the handling of the original materials and ensures that this important local history is never lost to fading, torn pages, broken bindings, or skin oils and other contaminants!

Yearbook Digitization

Yearbooks and annuals capture a snapshot in time, providing insight into the people of your community and the times in which they lived. Alumni, genealogists, or anyone that wants to look back on their “glory days” will have free access to those pages of their past.

Advantage Archives provides non-destructive scanning solutions and online digital access to these valuable pages of your community’s history.

Map And Atlas Digitization

Converting your maps, historical atlases, land records, plats, and more to a portable and easily searchable digital format, will improve efficiency by shortening research time spent searching for certain plots, locations, statistics, figures, and images.

Digitization limits the need to handle the original. These documents are often so large and on such thin paper that they are at risk each time they are unfolded.

white 35mm microfilm reel on top of an old newspaper bound volume

Preservation Microfilming

We believe that the preservation of local history is a shared responsibility, and we are proud to partner with like-minded individuals. The only proven long-term preservation method for newspapers & documents is microfilming onto silver halide 35MM archival quality film.

This medium is stable and durable and has a life expectancy of over 500 years under the proper storage and handling conditions.

Commercial Imaging

The document imaging services from the Advantage Information Management Solutions team go beyond the levels of a typical “service bureau.” We approach each project from the perspective of a partner with a mutually shared goal.

No other “scanning company” or large records management business cares as much as we do. It is why hundreds of communities trust us with their documents.

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