Image Handling Concepts

 Image Handling Concepts

When researching old newspapers, you either search or browse (or maybe both) to get to an end result.  That end result is an image of a newspaper page. In that image of a page is an article that you are looking for and wish to save for your own purposes. Those purposes may be for a research paper, or for a school project, or maybe a story about an ancestor.

There are two main concerns once you have identified the article and page and it is up on your screen:

  1. Always write down the title of the newspaper, the date of publication and the page number where you found the article – at the time thatyou find the article. You don’t want to have to do another search in the future to find out where you found it. Or worse yet forget where you found it. I find it helpful to include this information in the file name of the full-page pdf and/or the clipping of the article that you wish to save.
  1. Even if you choose to crop a portion of the full page and save it as a clipping as an image file, I recommend that you also save the full page that the article is in – as a pdf file. Sometimes there may be other articles related to your chosen article, but more importantly, sometimes your crop of the article at a later review is less than optimal. Sometimes I have found that the clipping is too small and unreadable and zooming in makes the clipping fuzzy and more unreadable.

Also, at a later review I have often found that my cropping was less than optimal and I may have chopped off some of the article, or the article was crooked and I may need to re-crop to have enough room to straighten the article/clipping.

So, for your own protection – save the entire page that includes the article.  You will be happy later that you did so.

The Community History Archives have a variety of ways to manipulate the image once it is displayed. When using the Download feature or the Crop feature, make sure that you consider the two important concerns mentioned above.  It will save you lots of headaches later if you do.