Use Keywords in Search Criteria When Seeking a Person

Tip – Use Keywords in Search Criteria When Seeking a Person

When entering our search criteria in the search box on an online historical newspaper site, we often focus primarily on the name of the target person.  We might also search for a location or an address. or combine these with a name.

I offer you some additional ways to hone in on target person articles, and this is to use keywords in your search criteria. Here are some examples that are should be considered, that if used will get you more and better results:

  • If you are searching for obituaries, add the keyword “beloved” or “beloved son” or “beloved wife” etc. The word beloved is used frequently in obituaries. So, entering these keywords plus the surname may focus in on obituaries.
  • Similar to “beloved”, try the word “dear”, as in “dear husband” or “dear sister.” This will also focus in on obituaries.
  • A third keyword used in obituaries is “loving”.  For example, “loving daughter” or “loving husband”.
  • If you are searching for a birth announcement, add in the keywords “born to the wife of” or “born to” along with the name and that will focus in on articles about births.
  • Was your person a business owner?  Add the word “president” or “proprietor” to the name.
  • How about lodges and clubs? Try “president” or “chairman” or “secretary” for example.
  • Try using the occupation in your search criteria, such as “electrician” or “plumber” in conjunction with the name.

These examples are especially useful for genealogical research, but may be useful for other pursuits. There are likely many more examples. Try adding keywords – you will be glad you did.