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Document Imaging Solutions

Document imaging services and document scanning services from Advantage Information Management Solutions include indexing and online document hosting. We integrate existing databases with files kept in paper, microfilm and microfiche. No service bureau can match our experience and state-of-the-art techniques. Projects include multi-million dollar conversions, onsite scanning equipment and ability, management and “on demand” information retrieval.

We have  been providing our clients with high volume, and even higher quality electronic document imaging service projects from paper, microfilm and microfiche since 2003. Our average staff member has more than twenty years of experience with sophisticated document scanning services, facilities management and a broad array of document imaging and data capture services.

All phases of the document imaging process, such as preparation, document scanning, document indexing, PDF conversion, OCR/ICR, etc. are managed effectively by the experienced team at Advantage IMS. We work closely with our clients through the entire life-cycle of the project utilizing proven project management methodologies. Our experience covers a broad range of document types. We scan items as small as credit card receipts or as large as building floor-plans. We have wide experience with difficult paper such as tissue or color copies and two-sided documents. All valuable and fragile papers are evaluated and processed to assure proper care and accurate conversion. Our large assortment of scanners, digital cameras, and other advanced imaging equipment permits us flexibility in our approach, and provides the client with the most cost effective and highest quality deliverable available.

We do not have an “out-of-the-box” approach to digital conversions. Our experience substantiates the common sense premise that every client’s needs are somewhat different, even within the same industry, government agency and application area. As a result, every project is customized and tailored to specific client requirements.

Micrographic Services

Employing an archive strategy involving microforms is incredibly important. 16MM microfilm, aperture cards, and microfiche provide assurance that the original printed document is always retrievable. Unlike paper documents and digital data, which are both fragile media, microfilm is unalterable.

Microfilm conversion is a multi-step process.  At Advantage Information Management Solutions we begin by auditing a random selection of the client’s film and running a project test to determine the scope of work and the best methods for accomplishing the clients desired end result.


16MM Microfilming

Microfilm is remains the most trusted media for storing and preserving critical and historical documents. Content on paper which would be considered vital now and in the future need to be archived onto microfilm to guarantee they are available when needed. Microfilm should be considered a key component in a disaster recovery plan.

Making Your Records More Accessible With Digitization

Digitize Your Microfilm As A Compliment To Your Preservation Efforts 

Microfilm Scanning (16MM or 35MM)

In addition, we offer many options for conversion of microfilm and microfiche to digital image. Microfilm conversion is a multi-step process. We begin by auditing a random selection of your film and run a project test to determine the scope of work and the best methods for accomplishing the clients desired end result. As part of this consultative approach, all scanning samples are saved in a template and examples are sent to our client for approval. Upon approval, scanning begins with inspection of the film to identify scratches, tears, reels without headers, etc. If problems are found, we notify you so that adjustments can be made. During scanning, variances in film density are automatically adjusted and manually verified. We then automatically locate the position of each individual image within the scanned output and proceed to Quality Inspection. Several inspectors simultaneously confirm the quality of the scanning since quality verification is much more time consuming than the actual scanning process….and quality is our primary concern. A wide range of validations are meticulously conducted. If corrections are needed, they are done immediately at the inspection station.

The images are indexed according to predetermined criteria. Folders can be created by name, number, date, department, etc. Individual documents can be identified with metadata such as document type, date, subject, etc. Documents and folders that consist of more than one image will be consolidated into multi-image files. Files are then processed for desired file type (TIFF, JPEG, PDF and others). If desired, the gray-scale images are converted to black and white (bi-tonal) format. We also offer full-text search using Optical Character Recognition. If the documents will be uploaded into an existing imaging system, the required output structure is generated.

Microfiche Scanning

We offer many options for conversion of microfiche to digital image. Although similar to microfilm roll scanning, microfiche images must be individually scanned, and the conversion requires more time than roll film. Each microfiche can vary in format, we are setup to convert a wide variety of options. We convert jacketed fiche filmed at various reduction ratios in both simplex and duplex modes.  Multiple reduction ratios can exist on one fiche.

We process large single-image fiche containing maps or other large graphic images in grayscale, color or black and white.  We process Computer Output Microfiche and film (COM) containing standardized grids including ultra high reduction ratios. All of our micrographic conversion services are available as digital conversions at client sites.

Information Management

In your business, you accumulate critical documents. You need to organize, store and have easy access to all that information. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency. It is ours. Advantage Information Management Solutions (Advantage IMS) manages and provides solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Advantage Archives commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves in our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.’

A comprehensive document management solution offers comfort and security. Our offerings and tailor designed to satisfy even the most exacting users. With many tools at our disposal, you will be impressed by the comprehensive solution we will design for your business. Advantage aims to offer a user-friendly experience and simple administration — all of which, together with our extensive integration capabilities and optimum security, combine to allow our information management solution to grow with your requirements well into the future.

With our strength of knowledge and flexibility you can count on us to provide the solution that fits your needs. Document imaging services and document management services from Advantage Archives include indexing and online document hosting. We integrate existing databases with files kept in paper, microfilm and microfiche.

AIMS will reduce your costs, retrieval time and storage requirements. We’ll improve your:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Savings On Storage
  • Facility Space Usage
  • Client & Employee Satisfaction
  • Cost & Expense Management
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Return On Investment
  • Enforcement Of Your Record Retention Policy
  • Accessibility

Hosted Imaging Services

Data and document hosting services from Advantage IMS include designing and implementing cost-effective Web Based Document Management systems. We use these systems to create a web accessible archive that leverages the latest online based document management technologies. Advantage IMS provides all administrative, backup, security, software upgrades, systems and database administration, hardware support and training. Web based access to the document hosting and management system is available anywhere that has a secure internet connection.

Each application is customized to meet a client’s specific needs for an online web document hosting application. Web based document management system users can institute a search and retrieval process using previously established indices and document identification classifications.

Only users with approved access to the information are able to retrieve it by use of identification logons and passwords. All transmissions to and from our web based document hosting and management servers employ 128 bit encryption via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protected URL. Data presently in electronic formats is integrated at high speed. For source documents, we provide scanning and indexing services from paper, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Documents may consist of legacy back-file information or day-forward.

Another alternative is to handle legacy data on an “on-demand” basis. We store and then retrieve the data from the original form, convert it and transmit it “on-demand.” Clients can do day-forward scanning and indexing with their own staff or use our services. We afford numerous Internet online records storage, retrieval and processing alternatives. Data presently stored in electronic formats is integrated at high speed. For source documents, Advantage Archives can scan and index from papermicrofilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Documents may consist of legacy back-file information or day-forward processing.

Among the web based document management system options:

  • Advantage Archives can scan, index and upload all back-file and ongoing documents
  • Clients can do their own scanning and indexing using their staff, Advantage would then upload and maintain the database
  • Advantage can convert a back-file of documents and clients can proceed with ongoing work.
  • Clients can scan data and transmit to Advantage Archives via FTP or HDD, and Advantage IMS then index and upload the documents.
  • For smaller volume applications, clients can use e-mail to send the documents to Advantage, which then would be indexed and upload them to our hosted website.

HIPAA Document Management

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was enacted in 1996 to help protect individuals’ personal health information. Under HIPAA a patient has the right to access his or her own medical records. Patients can request to view or get copies of their records, request modifications to the records and request a listing of disclosures of their protected information. In addition to this HIPAA privacy regulations control how and when protected patient information can be shared by physicians and administrative staff.

From a document management perspective, the real impact is on the privacy and security portion. Due to the stringent rules, a comprehensive and secure document management strategy is becoming a necessity for healthcare providers to fully comply with HIPAA. The guidelines set forth require that all records be secure with limited access. Organizations are required to create privacy policies and procedures and manage the patient records. Utilizing the services of Advantage Information Management Solutions will allow you to archive these records securely and retrieve them on demand, reducing overhead, and improving overall efficiency. Confidentiality of Medical, Personnel and Financial Records has been paramount to our operations for years prior to the introduction of HIPAA. All new employees of Advantage Archives pass background and drug tests, including temporary workers. Our own trucks and drivers provide added security. We sign BAA (Business Associate Agreements) client confidentiality agreements, employ video monitoring of our environment, which has strict entry requirements and operate in a security monitored building.


DocuWare is an integrated document management solution that can automate business processes by managing any type of document, regardless of format or source, in a central document pool – for example paper records, letters, faxes, drawings, PC and other electronic files including e-mail. DocuWare supports all forms of electronic signatures. Integrated records management ensures that all access is secure, controlled, and logged. Using the Internet, the central document pool is available around the clock to any authorized user, no matter where they are located in the world.

We are a Certified DocuWare Partner providing an enterprise wide imaging solution to our clients. DocuWare can be scaled from 5 to 500 users utilizing modules to custom fit their solution to your company. Our knowledgeable technology staff custom designs load files to import into your existing imaging system so we can assist you with large back file conversion projects while your staff completes the daily scanning. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to make your staff more efficient while providing exceptional customer service…our service gives you an Advantage.

Integration With Legacy Document Management Software

Although we have been an Authorized DocuWare Partner (ADP) for several years, we are certainly not limited to importation into their system. Our extensive in-house programming team makes us a unique service bureau. A highly experienced technical staff are available to interface our conversion systems with any imaging or custom software. Our dedicated software specialists will offer support to your organization through every step of the solution process. Our professionals have worked with commercial clients through out a variety of industries to handle the requirements each individual project. We have successfully completed document scanning and conversion services for many systems, including:

  • Documentum
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • OnBase
  • LaserFiche
  • Concordance
  • Summation
  • Ring Tail
  • Trial Director
  • Case Map
  • iPro
  • FileNet

The Markets We Serve

We truly value our long standing partnerships with libraries and publishers, in communities across the United States. We have been privileged to help them preserve, and provide online access  to their community’s history, and are pleased that they share our mission to ensure that documents from the past are accessible in the present, and available in the future. We also work with museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, colleges, universities, and more, to provide Document Imaging,  Preservation Microfilming Services,  Microform Scanning,  Digital Archive Hosting,  and  Document Management Solutions.

Libraries & Historical Societies

The Advantage Archives team has been partnering with libraries, colleges, and historical societies to preserve their local history one community at a time. We take great pride in our work to preserve the past, make it accessible in the present, and ensure its future…..and it all starts with converting local historical newspapers and other documents onto 35mm Silver Halide Microfilm, It is critical to protect the valuable printed content, from the ravages of time. Our internal microfilm standards exceed ANSI/AIIM standards for microfilm preservation.

Newspaper Publishers

Newspaper publishers have recorded their community’s “first draft of history” everyday. We preserve that history, on microfilm, and partner with the publisher to make that preserved content widely available to interested libraries and institutions in their community and beyond. Our processes meet or exceed all ANSI/AIIM Standards for microfilm preservation. The service will be done at no cost to our qualifying publishing partners. The papers will be shipped to our facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where they will be handled with care.

Qualifying publishers will also enjoy a revenue sharing opportunity on the content sold on a subscription basis to the interested libraries . The master negative copy can be stored at no additional charge in our state of the art vault under the publisher’s ownership. We are merely the custodian of the publisher’s intellectual property.

Government Agencies

The Advantage  team has been closely monitoring the painful condition and trends in the budgets of our state governments… and we are extremely conscious of the fact that one of the hardest hit areas over the past several years has been in document imaging and historic document preservation services in our government libraries, historical societies, archives, & other agencies.  Often the cuts have been deep, and in many cases, these institutions have been under funded, or no longer receive funding at all. We have developed several service offering and solutions in the wake of the ongoing budget cuts and resource allocations…many provided at no cost to the state or its tax payers.

Educational Institutions

Advantage Archives  has been working with educational institutions of all sizes, public and private for many years, and we understand the importance of the services they provide their students, their community, their state, and beyond. We have partnered with these college & university libraries, K-12 schools, & other educational institutions to provide subscriptions to newspapers on microfilm,  preservation microfilming services,  digital access solutions, and much, much more. We also recognize that the administration is burdened with more paperwork than ever before. Dealing with paper-based business processes while struggling to comply with regulations such as NCLB, FERPA and HIPAA is resource intensive to say he least. Our document scanning  and conversion solutions for educational institutions can help reduce costs, improve staff productivity and provide superior service to departments, faculty, students and parents.

Commercial Markets

Historical preservation is far from our only area of expertise! Our dedicated commercial document imaging solution division AdvantageIMS is dedicated to providing solutions to industries and government agencies everywhere. Businesses large and small value their partnership with Advantage, as much as we value ours with them. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency, but it is ours. We provide solutions tailored to your industries including hospitals, universities, law firms, manufacturing companies, research firms, transportation, and any other business that generates paperwork. Advantage’s commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves in our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.


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Additional Solutions We Offer

Whether your document is a day old, or 200 years old, we have the technology, experience and expertise to provide your library, historical societies, museums, and other institutions, with archiving and access options. Our solutions are designed to fit your institution’s unique needs and budget restrictions. We specialize in Document ImagingPreservation Microfilming Services Microform Scanning,  Digital Archive Hosting, and Document Management Solutions.  We partner with libraries & historical societies just like yours, to preserve their community’s past, make accessible in the present, and available in the future.

Preservation Microfilming Services

The history recorded in the documents from communities across the country, is invaluable.  Newspapers, atlases, almanacs, personal journals, directories, government documents…and even yearbooks can put historical events in perspective, and allow us to view those events through the lens of someone who was there and witnessed “history as it happened”. It also allows us to connect to our past in a real and tangible way. This cultural asset must be protected and preserved so future generations can can have access to the documents that would otherwise be lost to the erosion of time if they remained on fragile paper. The only true way to ensure its survival, is through microfilming.

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Digital Archive Hosting

A digital archive allows you to give your historical documents a new life, and give your community an easy-to-use  resource,  by  converting  your  local newspaper microfilm, and other historical documents, to a fully-searchable digital archive. The Community History Archives serve as a practical means to explore and discover content that was not easily accessible before. Preserving the historic content on microfilm ensures that the “first rough draft of history” is available for future generations. Using digitization as a supplement (not a replacement) to your long term archival strategy, it opens up a very real way for the members of your community to connect with their history.

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Document Imaging

The content contained on paper documents give a firsthand account and informs our perspective of history, that shaped not only your community, but also your state, and the nation…from a local perspective. Although historical newspaper imaging is our specialty, we have equal passion for all historic documents, including vital records, family bibles, transcripts, journals, and more. All documents and fragile papers are evaluated and processed to assure proper care and accurate conversion. Our experience covers a broad range of document types from a few days, a few years, or even 300 years ago. All phases of the archival document imaging process, such as preparation, document scanning, document indexing, etc., are managed effectively by the experienced team at Advantage. We work closely with our clients through the entire lifecycle of the project utilizing proven project management and preservation methodologies.

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Information Management Solutions

Historical preservation is far from our only area of expertise! Our dedicated commercial document imaging solution division AdvantageIMS, is dedicated to providing solutions for more documents critical your business or organization. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency. It is ours. We provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Advantage Archives commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves in our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.

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Connect Your Community To Its History! Explore A Partnership With Advantage & Discover “History As it Happened “. Use the form below to connect with us, and let’s discuss way’s we can ensure your local history is easily accessible!