Launching a Community History Podcast Powered By Your Library’s Archives

Podcasting has taken the world by storm, with diverse voices and stories filling the digital airwaves. But have you ever considered the incredible potential of a Community History Podcast rooted in the wealth of your library’s historical archives? Many libraries have created studio rooms for their patrons; however, how many take advantage of it themselves? […]

Create A Community of Time Travelers With A “Community History Club”

Every community is rich with history buffs, amateur genealogists, and curious minds who revel in the stories and memories of the past. Harnessing this shared interest, libraries can offer a unique platform for engagement: A “Community History Club.” Allowing each club member to set the topic and lead a meeting, it fosters a sense of […]

Engaging Your Community: A Path to Preserve History Together

Preserving the rich history of our community is a collective effort that requires engagement and support from all corners. At Advantage Archives, we firmly believe in the power of community involvement.. In this blog post, we’ll explore four ideas to engage our community and preserve your communities history. Alumni Foundations: Sponsoring Yearbook Digitization Our community’s […]

Create An Online “Meeting Place” For Community History Archive Users

Community engagement is at the heart of a modern library’s mission. Today, social media, blogging, and online forums offer a powerful toolbox to foster community around your library’s resources, including the Community History Archives. By leveraging the power of social media platforms and other online spaces, libraries can connect with their patrons in ways never […]

Developing a Digital Newspaper Archive Engagement Strategy

Community engagement is a dynamic, ongoing process. It involves listening, learning, adapting, and growing together. By innovatively leveraging a Community History Archive, libraries can further deepen their connections with their patrons, cultivating a community rooted in shared history, learning, and discovery. Remember, every article, every image, and every page from the past can open a […]

Engaging Communities Through Online Archives of Historical Newspapers

Historical newspapers are essential to our cultural heritage, encapsulating the social, economic, and political nuances of different time periods. As we advance in the digital age, many newspapers have been digitized and made available to communities for free online via search platforms like the Community History Archives. This transformation provides a window to our past […]

History After Dark: Try A “Community History Night” As An Engagement Strategy

Libraries have always been more than mere repositories of books. They are vibrant community hubs, fostering connections and offering enriching experiences to their patrons. One such opportunity lies in the creative use of our Community History Archives platform as a foundation to create engaging ‘Community History Night’ programs. These events, themed around specific decades, significant […]

Take Your Community On A Treasure Hunt Through Time

Several years ago, Advantage Archives helped a library partner create a multi-week scavenger hunt through history leading up to the 150th anniversary of the library. Using their Community History Archives, the local community was guided through a series of clues leading them to discover interesting facts, events, and stories about their local community, starting with […]

Unearthing the Distinction: Graveyards vs. Cemeteries

Genealogy has been an important pursuit for centuries. One of the key sources for genealogy research has been church records, which often include information on births, marriages, and deaths. These records have been critical in helping people trace their family histories and understand their place in the world.

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