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Author: Jeff Kiley

Spotlight: The Vernon Parish Library

The Vernon Parish archive contains a wide variety of content, including yearbooks, newspapers, football history, and more.  Established in 1871, Vernon Parish is steeped in history, its story intertwined with the tales of Native American tribes, European explorers, and resilient settlers who called this land home. Nestled within the boundaries of the former “No Man’s […]

This Day in History: Norway Tigers’ Triumphant Finale – The Real Story Behind “The Final Season”

Norway, a small town in Iowa, was renowned for baseball. Since the early 20th century, baseball was woven into the town’s identity. It was more than just a sport; it was a community bonding activity, a source of pride and joy. The local high school team, the Norway Tigers, started making headlines in The Cedar […]

Partnership Team Spotlight: Grant Kaestner

When you work with Advantage Archives, you get more than just a company, or a single person working with you, you get our whole Partnership Team. We believe it is important to work together to be the best possible partner. Doing so ensures that you’re getting the best of all of us, and in return, […]

The Digital Revolution: Why Digitizing Microfilm Beats Microfilm Readers

While microfilm preservation undoubtedly remains the preeminent method for safeguarding paper-based media, the essentiality of digitization for accessibility cannot be understated. The Community History Archives champions this cause, delivering unencumbered digital access for the end-user and incurring no recurrent financial obligations for the institutions. “While microfilm undeniably retains its prestige as an unparalleled medium for […]

Spotlight: The Hall County Historical Society (NE)

An Institution Anchored in the Past, Guiding the Future. The Digitial Archives of The Hall County (NE) Historical Society contains a wide variety of content ranging from  1870-2020. Hall County Nebraska Historical Society, an established custodian of local history, continues its legacy through the creation of the comprehensive Hall County Community History Archive. This remarkable […]

History For All: Cultivating Community Engagement With Free Access to Local History

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, libraries nationwide have turned to Advantage Archives to digitize their local community’s historical newspaper archives. These incredible resources are accessible to anyone free of charge thanks to meaningful partnerships between Advantage and community libraries nationwide. These free online archives offer an unparalleled tool for deepening […]

Launching a Community History Podcast Powered By Your Library’s Archives

Podcasting has taken the world by storm, with diverse voices and stories filling the digital airwaves. But have you ever considered the incredible potential of a Community History Podcast rooted in the wealth of your library’s historical archives? Many libraries have created studio rooms for their patrons; however, how many take advantage of it themselves? […]

Create A Community of Time Travelers With A “Community History Club”

Every community is rich with history buffs, amateur genealogists, and curious minds who revel in the stories and memories of the past. Harnessing this shared interest, libraries can offer a unique platform for engagement: A “Community History Club.” Allowing each club member to set the topic and lead a meeting, it fosters a sense of […]

Engaging Your Community: A Path to Preserve History Together

Preserving the rich history of our community is a collective effort that requires engagement and support from all corners. At Advantage Archives, we firmly believe in the power of community involvement.. In this blog post, we’ll explore four ideas to engage our community and preserve your communities history. Alumni Foundations: Sponsoring Yearbook Digitization Our community’s […]

Create An Online “Meeting Place” For Community History Archive Users

Community engagement is at the heart of a modern library’s mission. Today, social media, blogging, and online forums offer a powerful toolbox to foster community around your library’s resources, including the Community History Archives. By leveraging the power of social media platforms and other online spaces, libraries can connect with their patrons in ways never […]

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