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Advantage Archives Shape
Advantage Archives Shape

Spotlight: The Old Town Public Library

The Old Town Public Library The library has unlocked Old Town’s history with access to over 130 years of local newspapers, yearbooks, city reports, a pictorial histories; vital records; church records; history of Temple Israel. as well as the histories of surrounding towns The Old Town Public Library is located in Old Town, Maine, serving […]

Spotlight: The Dover Public Library

The Dover Public Library The Community History Archives of the Dover Public Library allows for access to the history of Dover, New Hampshire through Dover area City Directories from 1830—1949 and Dover High School Yearbooks from 1915—2013 The Dover Public Library is located in Dover, New Hampshire, and serves a community of 31,000. Dover is […]

Spotlight: The Vermilion Parish Library

The Vermilion Parish Library The Vermilion Parish Library provides access to the rich history of cities and communities of Vermilion Parish and the surrounding areas through the local newspapers spanning 108 years, as well as yearbooks, assessment rolls and census records that date as far back as 1810! The Vermilion Parish Library is located in […]

Spotlight: The Albert Wisner Public Library

The Albert Wisner Public Library offers the Warwick community a way to connect to its past with an archive containing nearly 135 years of the community’s two local weekly newspapers. The Albert Wisner Public Library is located in Warwick, New York, serving a community of 30,000 in the Warwick Valley Central School District area. Warwick […]

His Dream: Looking Back At The Life & Times Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1963 – 1968)

It goes without saying that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary man, living in a time that today’s generation can’t conceive of. The accounts written in the history books, are a retelling of the accounts in a narrative form, and often fail to capture the atmosphere of tension, disdain, anger, and […]

Advantage Community History Archive: From Fort Fairfield to Shanghai

Grant Kaestner, Account Manager at Advantage Preservation, recently received a rewarding phone call from one of our library partners in Maine. Representatives from the Fort Fairfield Public Library reached out to him to share their appreciation for our partnership approach and its positive impact on communities involved. “We love having our digital archives available and […]

Advantage Spotlight: Ann Tice

Page 1 of The Klemme Times, published in Klemme, Iowa on Thursday, October 26th, 1899 Ann Tice is an avid genealogist currently living near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann was introduced to Advantage Preservation by a librarian and has since helped fund the digitization of Clear Lake (IA), Klemme (IA), and Red Wing (MN) newspapers. Ann […]

Discover Your Rural Roots! Carol Richey looks at Advantage Preservation and their growing collection of digitized small town and rural newspapers

Researching your rural ancestors in newspaper collections is becoming much easier and more convenient. Thanks to the work of Advantage Preservation, a division of Advantage Archives based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, more than 55 million historical newspaper pages in 39 states are now available online through their digitization projects. Exploring the lives of your rural […]

Advantage On The Road: Massachusetts

Advantage Preservation: Visiting With Our Friends In Massachusetts Pictured above: Grant Kaestner (left), & Jeffrey Kiley (right), of Advantage Preservation on their visit to the Newburyport Public Library in Newburyport MA, on October 31st, 2018. Last week Grant & I had the opportunity to spend some time visiting a few of our library partners in […]

Historical Newspaper Research

There is a lot to learn from old newspapers if you know what you are looking for. Before the advent of the Internet, it was newspapers that were relied on most for information. Now, many old newspapers have been digitized and made available online as a resource for historians, genealogists and writers among others. With […]

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