At Advantage Archives, we have embraced the idea that the preservation of history is a shared responsibility. We partner with local community publishers, libraries, and other like-minded individuals to preserve the past, make it accessible in the present, and ensure it has a future.

We are focused on the preservation and digital accessibility of historical collections and documents so that your community’s history is available for current and future generations.

Preservation Is Every Bit As Important As Access

  Preservation Is Every Bit As Important As Access Digitizing your microfilm holdings and other documents of historical interest will unlock history by bringing it out of the drawer and putting it at your fingertips. However, access is only ½ the equation. Before you embark on a digitization project, you need to evaluate the risk […]

Microfilm At War: From Communication To Preservation

Microfilm At War: From Communication To Preservation Before email, there was V-Mail, and before that… pigeons, and eventually spies…and even pigeon spies. Today, microfilm is the unanimously agreed upon “preservation medium” for archivists around the world, but did you know about its storied military career? When you hear the word “microfilm”, I am guessing you […]

Making Old Newspapers Searchable: Microfilm & OCR

The Paper Problem: With the newfound ability to assemble content and produce pages quickly and efficiently, existing papers increased their circulation numbers substantially. The demand for the paper on which to print the news inevitably grew as well. This created a need to use a less expensive paper stock to match the increased production rates. […]

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