In New Hampshire, our partners are dedicated to providing access to the unique history of this beautiful state. Collaborating with local historical societies, museums, and libraries, we focus on digitizing collections of newspapers, photographs, microfilms, and important documents. These efforts have transformed how people access and explore New Hampshire’s past, bringing forgotten stories to the forefront and making them easily available online. Our work ensures that students, researchers, and history enthusiasts can delve into the state’s rich heritage from anywhere in the world.

From the tales of early settlers to the state’s role in significant historical events, our articles and posts will feature our partner’s archives, provide updates on our new and ongoing projects in New Hampshire, and hopefully inspire a broader effort to preserve our collective past.

Spotlight: The Newburyport Public Library

The Newburyport Public Library offers the community a way to connect to its past with an archive containing nearly 200 years of the community’s local history from a variety of titles. A few years back, one of the Libraries we visited was the beautiful Newburyport Public Library, which first opened its doors 167 years ago, […]

Spotlight: The Dover Public Library

The Dover Public Library The Community History Archives of the Dover Public Library allows for access to the history of Dover, New Hampshire through Dover area City Directories from 1830—1949 and Dover High School Yearbooks from 1915—2013 The Dover Public Library is located in Dover, New Hampshire, and serves a community of 31,000. Dover is […]

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