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Chattanooga, Coralville and Manchester: Advantage Has Been on the Road

Chattanooga and ARSL

Over the past month, Advantage has been on the road. It all started when The Advantage team hit the road and headed out to Chattanooga for The Association of Rural and Small Libraries Conference. Being someone who has never been to Chatanooga, I was beyond surprised at how a town with less than 200,000 people was full of excitement and history. We all had a great time in Chatanooga, but one of the best parts was being able to talk to our current partners and meet some future partners. We don’t get the opportunity to meet most of our partners, but when we get the chance to take a trip and see you all in person, it is beyond special to us. ARSL puts on a great show and allows us to meet you all, so we are so happy that we can be sponsor-level attendees for two years in a row.

Coralville and ILA

The Advantage Team is currently in Coralville, IA getting ready for the annual Iowa Library Association Conference. We attend this conference every year, and this year it is right down I-380 20 miles. We are currently setting up our booth and can’t wait to connect with our current partners in the state of Iowa. For some of our partners, it may have been since last year since we have seen you, or maybe even last week. However, we can’t wait to see you all in person at one central location. We are excited to catch up and show you how the Community History Archives platform is much more than just a place for newspapers. If you are going to be attending this show, keep your eye out for an email from us on how you can sign up and receive a free newspaper print mug! We will be in Booth 7 and we couldn’t be more excited to see everyone!

Manchester and NELA

Sunday, the 23rd, Advantage will be packing our bags and flying out to Manchester, NH, for the annual New England Library Association Conference. As first-year attendees, we are excited to support this event as a Silver Sponsor. We also will be in a double booth 416/418. We are looking forward to speaking with all of those who are attending this year’s show! I know that Grant and Jeff are beyond excited to make their way up to this historical part of the country, I am also excited to make my way up there because I have never been to the east coast, so this will be something all new for me. We also are planning to make our way down to Boston after the show closes. I am being told that Legal Seafoods is the place to go. We will see if it holds up to my standards. However, my seafood standards are Iowa seafood. It has to be better than that, right?

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