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Churches and Religious Organizations

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Churches and Religious Organizations

Advantage Archives is proud to partner with Churches across the country. Churches have an abundance of essential records that must be preserved to last forever. At Advantage, we specialize in ensuring each of these documents live forever. No matter the document, it is crucial.

At Advantage, we don’t just preserve the media, but we also build Community History Archives. This is a platform that gives your Church (Or Community) a place to view and search through all these important documents. This means that we not only can preserve those vital documents, but we can build your community their own archive that is free for the public to use.

Storage is always a concern with the number of records a church has. Not only that, but those documents are at risk each day they are sitting on a shelf. They are at risk of taring, fire, and everyday handling of these documents. Paper wasn’t designed to last forever, and every time a page is touched or turned, it becomes more and more brittle.

Our Community Platform is designed to be indexed and easily searchable. We can build your church or community an indexed Archive that allows you to search through various documents all in one spot easily.

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