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Community History Archives Status Update

We apologize for the recent instability that you have been experiencing. Several months ago, we identified a number of infrastructure needs to keep up with our growth and began the process of upgrading and adding equipment to our environment. These hardware upgrades will provide greater uptime, faster performance, and more stability. They will also allow us to introduce new and exciting tools and updates.

Our strategy of constantly adding and upgrading equipment to keep pace with our growth and partner’s needs has been a challenge with the current supply chain issues. We have struggled to acquire hardware to keep up with the increase in content and users, meaning that we have been operating at the peak of our current equipments capacity.

To further complicate things a recent hardware failure on one of our servers has been causing instability and further limiting the available resources; we have identified that issue and are working diligently to source the key pieces that will allow us to get back to full capacity.

Previously, we had quarterly upgrade intervals in which we would upgrade our servers and systems. We found recently that we were growing faster than these upgrade intervals. We then began to upgrade our equipment at a more rapid pace but found that these supply chain issues have delayed our upgrades. However, we still do continue to upgrade our systems and will continue to work to make the Community History Archives platform more stable and increase its overall performance.

As we have waited for some of these pieces to arrive because of these supply chain issues, we have continued to add content and partners, making the load on our servers greater, and this has made our current systems operate at peak compacity.

We were able to find the part that was damaged, and it is being installed. After the installation is completed we will better understand what we need to do to ensure that the Archives work at the peak of their ability while we continue to make these upgrades.

We appreciate your patience as we perform these upgrades. We know they will provide a significant improvement to your Community History Archive.

-The Advantage Archives Team

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