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Digitization Of Historical Books and Bound Volumes

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Digitization Of Historical Books and Bound Volumes

Our advanced imaging equipment, innovative post-processing methodologies, and years of experience ensure that the content contained in your history books, journals, bound newspaper volumes, ledgers, scrapbooks, and other collated paper documents is never lost to age, deterioration, fading, ripped, and torn pages, broken bindings, or skin oils and other contaminants. It allows for practical online access to this valuable content. The original, alongside microfilm or a different preservation plan, can be treated as the preservation copy, ensuring the range has a future.

Advantage Archives has the experience and equipment needed to create the highest quality copy of the original media. We achieve this with our years of experience and state-of-the-art preservation equipment.

Paper isn’t designed to last forever. When you flip through bound volumes, you wear the binding and pages each turn. Preserving these is important to make sure these books contain are never lost. We can ensure that this information is never lost with our preservation technique. This also allows the original copy to be kept in pristine condition.

After we digitize these books and bound volumes, we put it through our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to create a searchable (and indexable) database for these valuable documents. This creates an archive that allows you to find anything you may be searching for effortlessly.

After years of sitting, ink fades, Pages yellow and crumble. Preserve what is on those pages before it is too late. You may think you can set a book on a shelf, and it will last forever, but the paper wasn’t designed to last a lifetime. It will continue to wear as it sits and is exposed to air.

At Advantage, our goal is to preserve the history within the pages of your Books and Bound Volumes before it is too late. We ensure that those essential items last a lifetime in a searchable and indexable manner.

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