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Digitization Of Maps, Atlases, And Land Records

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Digitization Of Maps, Atlases, And Land Records

Our purpose-built, high-resolution large format scanners and our sophisticated two-camera digital imaging systems allow us to capture your maps and other large-format documents, as well as historical atlases, land records, plats, or other bound volumes in a non-destructive manner, providing the best possible image quality. Doing so ensures that these large records can be converted over to a much more portable and easily searchable format, which will make the time looking for certain plots, locations, statistics, or figures much more accessible and will save you time and money in the long run.

Advantage Archives has been in the business of preserving these records for many years. We have the process and experience to create the highest quality digital image possible. Unfortunately, these documents are often so large and on such thin paper that each time you unfold or look at these, the tearing can occur. This puts these documents at such a high risk of damage.

Our Method ensures that these documents never have to be unfolded or flipped through again. Instead, we take the high-resolution scan and upload it to our Community History Archives platform, where you can search through these documents at ease and preserve the original copy.

These documents are some of the most vital records in the world. Using a preservation plan provided by Advantage will ensure that these documents can live on forever and in a searchable way.

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