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Digitization Of Photographic Materials

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Digitization Of Photographic Materials

Digitization ensures that your photographs, negatives, or slides can be viewed anytime, anywhere, from any device, allowing you to relive those moments in the community through pictures of the people, places, and events that shaped your community and will enable you to share those moments with others. Once digitized, the original copy is to be tucked away and stored to keep in pristine condition and allows the image to be shown to all that want to see it.

Advantage Archives has the experience and equipment to ensure that these Photographs are preserved to the highest of standards. In addition, we have special equipment that is built to preserve these exact pieces. As a result of this and our staff with extensive experience, we will preserve these to the highest standards.

With our Community History Archives platform, we can index and organize these materials in any way you would like. This allows for easy viewing. The Community History Archives platform is also mobile-friendly and will allow you to view and explore these photos anywhere you choose. You no longer need to carry around those important photos, but all in one spot, you will have access to all these memories.

Photos weren’t designed to live forever in print form. Each time you touch and share these photos, they deteriorate. Preserving these by digitization is how you can ensure that the original copy stays in as good shape as possible while still being able to look at all these photos, whenever, wherever.


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