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Digitization Of Yearbooks and Annuals

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Digitization Of Yearbooks and Annuals

Digitizing yearbooks creates a portal to your community’s past! Alumni, genealogists, or anyone that is looking to relive their youth can search and browse the faces, names, and memories contained in the pages of your community’s school yearbooks. When paired with other materials such as newspapers, or city directories, memories can be unlocked as to what was happening during those years at school. It becomes such a powerful and essential tool to help connect your community.

Advantage Archives has partnered with Communities all over the country to preserve Yearbooks and Annuals. With these partnerships, we could use our robust Community History Archives platform to give these individuals free access to their annuals and yearbooks. Yearbooks are such a powerful resource when searching an archive.

Having years of yearbooks accessible to the public is such a vital resource. Some of the most critical information in doing research is found in yearbooks. Allowing everyone to have access to these yearbooks is so essential.

At Advantage, we have state-of-the-art equipment designed for Yearbooks and Annuals. We also have years of experience in scanning these types of documents. This ensures that we create the highest quality scan possible while being extremely gentle with the original copy.

Yearbooks weren’t designed to last long term. The binding starts to come apart, and the ink will fade. The only way to ensure this lasts forever is with a preservation plan. We not only preserve the item, but we make it keyword searchable to the public.

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