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Historical Resource Development Program Grants (HRDP)

HRDP Grants

Iowa is a state rich in history. The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs (IDCA) recognizes the importance of preserving and promoting that history through its Historical Resource Development Program (HRDP). The program provides financial assistance to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individuals who are dedicated to preserving and promoting Iowa’s historical resources. The deadline is May 1st, apply today and don’t miss out!

The HRDP offers grants in a few different categories: Preservation Projects, Museum Projects, and Documentary Collections. These grants can cover a wide range of activities such as historic research, preservation and restoration of buildings, and the development of educational programs related to Iowa history.


Digitization Projects

Our partners have used HRDP funds in the past to preserve their historical newspapers and other historically significant documents. HRDP grants for digitization are a great way to digitize your important history and provide your community with a portal to its past through a Community History Archive. Our archives are fully searchable and browseable, and the best part is there are no ongoing costs, they’re free and open to the public!

Over the years, we have had a great many partners apply and receive these grants, and we want to ensure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Deadlines are quickly approaching!


Museum Projects

The Museum Projects category offers funds for projects that involve the development of museum exhibits, educational programs, and other initiatives related to Iowa history. This may include the creation of new exhibits, the development of educational programs for schools and other organizations, and the preservation of historical artifacts. This category is designed to help organizations and individuals promote public awareness and understanding of Iowa’s history.

To be eligible for a grant through the HRDP, applicants must be a nonprofit organization, a government agency, or an individual. The project must be related to Iowa history, and applicants must demonstrate a clear plan for completing the project. Grant applications are reviewed by a committee of experts in the relevant field, and funding decisions are based on the merit of the project and its potential impact on Iowa history.


Example Projects Funded Through HRDP Grants:

Marion Public Library



National Czech & Slovak Museum 



Buena Vista University



Other notable communities that have built archives using HRDP funds:

Garnavillo Historical Society, Correctionville Public Library, Central Community Historical Society, Ellsworth Historical Museum / City of Ellsworth, Mellinger Memorial Library (Morning Sun), Mount Pleasant Historic Preservation Commission, James Kennedy Public Library, Fonda Public Library, Clinton Public Library, Ida Grove Public Library, Le Mars Public Library, Van Buren Historical Society, West Bend Public Library, Mount Pleasant Public Library, Waverly Public Library, Upper Iowa University, Scott County Library System, Northwestern College, Cornell College, Ericson Public Library, Carroll County Genealogical Society, The Catholic Globe, Diocese of Sioux City, Perry Public Library, and Luther College & Winneshiek County Historical Society.

The Historical Resource Development Program is a valuable resource for organizations and individuals who are dedicated to preserving and promoting Iowa’s rich history. The program provides funding for a wide range of historic research, preservation, and education activities, and its impact can be felt throughout the state. If you want to learn more about the HRDP or apply for a grant, visit the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs website or this link: Do you have questions about HRDP grants? Schedule a time to talk with us!

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