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On the Road to New Orleans! LibLearnX 2023

Stop Booth 832 at LLX 2023!

Advantage Archives will be in booth 832 on January 27th-30th at the LibLearnX conference. This will be our first year attending this show, and we are excited to exhibit. LibLearnX will offer innovative session design concepts on the program to help you learn, network, and find solutions. Participants can expect a combination of different formats geared toward higher-level education conversation, hands-on interaction, and trend-scanning information (Directly from LibLearnX). Advantage is excited to be a part of such a revolutionary show idea and can’t wait to learn as well.

This is our first show of what will be a great year of exhibiting. We are attending The Texas Library Association Conference in April and The Association of Rural & Small Libraries show again this year. We enjoy the time we spend at tradeshows because it allows us to see some of our partners face-to-face. This has been hard to do over the past few years, so being able to connect one on one again is something that we look forward to.

In 2022 Advantage attended six tradeshows, and we hope to increase that this year and continue to meet with our partners and some future partners at these shows. So if you are a current partner or want to learn more about how we provide free digital access to local history, please stop by, or schedule a time to meet with us.

Beyond LLX, we are excited to be in New Orleans.

It’s pretty cold up here in Iowa, so The Advantage team is excited to hit the road and travel south for a break in the weather. One thing we also make sure to do when traveling to the coast is to find the best seafood possible. When I think of New Orleans, I think of cajun food and oysters. Being a fan of both types of food, I can’t wait to see what New Orleans has to offer.

We are also looking forward to going down to the French District, walking around, and learning about the rich history that this area of the city offers. I am reading all about this place called bourbon street, which is supposed to be home to some of the best food, drinks, and fascinating history that New Orleans offers. The rich architecture of this area makes it a must-see on my list.



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