Peabody Institute Library of Danvers in Massachusetts

When I knew that I wanted to digitize our microfilm collection I started doing research into companies that provided that service.  Advantage Archive stood out to me for many reasons. Their offerings checked all the boxes of what we needed. The ability to keyword search our newspapers in the database was essential, there was no monthly or yearly fee to maintain the database, and they’re amazing at working with a library’s budget and letting you add to your collection as time and money allows. Also, they came recommended by many other libraries in my region. Grant has been wonderful to work with!

Clyde-Savannah Public Library in New York

I want to tell you how excited we are with our digitization of our old newspapers. With trepidation we sent you all 42 reels of microfilm. They were returned safely and now we have this wonderful searchable database. We can search so many ways, and the best part is, with the link on our homepage, our newspapers, dating back to 1850, are available from anywhere in the world! Now when someone in Michigan wants genealogy help, they are but a click away. Thank you thank you thank you. Progress is great!

Pawtucket Public Library in Rhode Island

We live in a time where people have come to expect that the vast majority of information that they are seeking can be found quickly through online searches. However, extremely specific questions like those we see with local history questions don’t lend themselves to successful “Google” searches. By providing access to this material online we’re contributing to our mission to provide material to our patrons in the manner and fashion that they now perform their research.

Old Town Public Library in Maine

Our Community History Archive aligns directly with the portion of our mission that states that the public library will “maintain and improve the quality of life for all citizens of our community by providing resources and programs that enhance and contribute to individual knowledge, enlightenment, and enjoyment in the most efficient manner possible.”  What could be a more efficient method to access information than a digitized collection?

Fort Fairfield Public Library in Maine

We love having our digital archives available and free to anyone through Advantage Archives. We have received great feedback from our patrons and even from across the country of how grateful everyone is for this resource for genealogy and history research. Staff has also found it a great time saver when more in-depth research is needed, by allowing us to search more uncommon requests easily and quickly.

Southworth Library in New York

The history of Dryden is so fascinating. There are so many little stories, so many people – the amazing people that came through here and settled this area and created the village, the industry, and the library itself. It’s just fascinating. And knowing those stories aren’t just buried in the newspaper or lost, or stuck on microfilm, and now are accessible, is just huge. When we know where we’ve been, where we came from, I think we can create a better future for Dryden. It’s such a wonderful village. The people are involved and care about it. So anything we can do to solidify the foundation is priceless.

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