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The American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021

Why you should use American Rescue Plan Act Grants to digitize essential documents!

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is a $1.9 trillion act to help with the economic hardships caused by Covid-19. You can apply for these grants and use them to digitize essential documents. Below are a few fundamental reasons why you should use these funds to digitize your communities’ essential documents or newspapers. opportunity!

With this pandemic, the need to access content remotely has proven critical. If you can’t hold a physical document at the moment you need it, then the information on that piece of paper might as well not exist at all. This is why digitization has taken center stage over the last 18 months, and everything, including city, county, and state documents, newspapers, and historical records. Having content in a digital format removes roadblocks to accessibility. Thanks to the funds the federal government has made available to local government agencies, libraries, and other institutions through the American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021 (ARPA), local officials are creating a level of access that is bringing their community together and helping to ensure that these documents are readily available at any location, and at any time, by anyone. They can access it from wherever they need it, so the less mobile patrons don’t need to leave their homes. The documents housed within your libraries and county government offices are some of the most critical documents in this country. In addition to the importance of remote access to the content of these records, the preservation of these documents is of equal importance. Paper is an imperfect medium that wasn’t designed to last decade after decade. It is fragile, unstable, and unsustainable, and the content on those pages is at risk. Advantage Archives is uniquely positioned to help agencies, offices, and institutions design and execute a plan to ensure that these documents are archived for the future and accessible in the present. With these services, we provide a searchable platform for your patrons, or if you prefer it to be a more secure and private format, we can accommodate that as well.

We know that every institution’s needs are different, we would love to connect with you and develop a solution that willfit your organization’s exact needs. We have many years of knowledge in the preservation and with your understanding ofyour local community, we can develop a solution that will benefit everyone. There is no better way to use this grantthan to digitize essential documents in your community. We work with agencies of all budgets and sizes, so we are surewe can find the exact solution for your project.

Act Quick!

Deadlines for these funds are different for each state. If you don’t know where to apply or when the deadline is, feelfree to give us a call, and we would love to be as much help as possible in finding this information. Make sure youapply for these grants today to ensure you don’t miss the deadline for these funds that could change your communitiespast and future. If you have applied for a Grant, we would love to talk and help ensure that the vital documents withinyour community last forever. We work to provide the highest quality services at the best price available. We know how toget the most out of the grant you applied for, and we would love to go to work for you and your community!

Communities across the United States have embarked on transforming their paper documents and records into a digitalformat. Advantage Archives have partnered with these agencies and institutions on digitization projects including, butnot limited to:

  • Historical Newspapers
  • Vital Records
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Property Transfer Books
  • Drainage Maps
  • Public Notices
  • Maps & Atlases
  • Census Data
  • Public Health Records
  • Deed Books
  • Indexes
  • Service Records
  • Yearbooks
  • Mortgage Records
  • Survey Books
  • Plat Maps
  • Photographic Materials
  • Plans & Blueprints

ARPA allows libraries, local governments, and municipalities to use the funding to digitize and preserve these importantdocuments. It creates a digital copy, and as you know, everything is switching to digital. Digitizing these vitalrecords ensures that it will have a future and that the information is easily accessible and readily available. There isno better way to spend these funds than digitizing the most important records in your county.In addition to the digitization and archival services provided by Advantage, we have also developed an innovative onlinesearch platform. Our Community History Archive is an intuitive, easy to use, and powerful tool that will place publicrecords, historical newspapers, and other documents that are important to the community at the fingertips of itsmembers.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 F.A.Q.

What is ARPA?

ARPA is a $1.9 Trillion act that gives funds to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effects on the economy. These funds were given and divided to help everyone that has been effected by the pandemic. We know that the pandemic has hit the local government hard, so we want to ensure that you apply and receive the funds you deserve. It was passed on March 10th, and deadlines are approaching. Don’t miss out and apply to receive these funds today.

How do I get ARPA Funds?

To get ARPA Funds it varies from state to state. A good way to find out how to apply for these is by doing a quick search of your state and adding ARPA Funds application next to it. If you are unable to find any information, we would be happy to help you find this information!

When is the deadline to apply for these funds?

ARPA Deadlines are fast approaching but each state is different. We are happy to help find these dates. Some states might also require that the agency has a quote, and we are more than happy to provide a quote for our services, to help you get these funds.

What format do you convert these documents to?

We can convert your records into any format you may like. If you have a current system, we can convert and add these documents to that existing system. If you would like to start fresh, we have a variety of options, and we will surely have a system that works for your agency.
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