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The Newark Public Library Announces Free Online Access to Historical Newark Evening News Archives


The Newark Public Library Announces Free Online Access to Historical Newark Evening News Archives

Newark, NJ (May 30th, 2024) – The Newark Public Library, in partnership with Advantage Archives, proudly announces free access to nearly 1.2 million pages of historical newspapers from Newark, New Jersey.

The Newark History Archives ( features the Newark Evening News from 1883 to 1971, providing a rich resource for educators, researchers, and the general public. Encapsulating nearly a century of journalism, the archive provides a practical means to explore how Newark’s community, economy, and politics have shifted over the years while providing a local perspective on national and international historical events.

Founded in 1883, the Newark Evening News served as Newark’s paper of record until its closure in 1972. It had bureaus in Montclair, Elizabeth, Metuchen, Morristown, Plainfield, Kearny, and Belmar, as well as bureaus in the New Jersey State House in Trenton and in Washington, DC. Throughout its nearly 90-year run, it was the primary source of news and information for residents of Newark and the broader New Jersey area. The newspaper was renowned for its comprehensive coverage, detailed reporting, and a broad spectrum of editorial content, which included everything from local news and statewide political affairs to cultural events and community issues, capturing the daily happenings and the city’s evolving story.

The digital reproductions of the Newark Evening News found in the online archive are indexed by date, and the collection is keyword-searchable. The intuitive platform allows users to explore, discover, and gain insights into the community’s development through the narratives of its residents, the significant events that have shaped its trajectory, and the historical forces that have influenced its present circumstances.

Beth Zak-Cohen from the Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center was instrumental in bringing this project to life. She shares her enthusiasm: “We love the website; it’s so much easier to search than our previous system or than microfilm, and personally, I can’t stop looking things up just for fun!”

The project was made possible through support from Senator Cory Booker’s office and funding from a federal grant. It highlights the significant benefit of collaboration among libraries, government entities, and private organizations in unlocking our shared cultural heritage. It also showcases how leveraging technology can democratize access to historical knowledge, ensuring that this connection to the community’s past is inclusive, not just for those who can physically visit a library or afford a subscription to a pay-for-access service.

Jeffrey Kiley, Founder of Advantage Archives, says that partnerships of this nature are at the core of Advantage’s mission and vision: “We are very proud of our partnership with the Newark Public Library, and it is a privilege to be an active participant in their efforts to make the Newark Evening News more accessible. Our guiding principles center around building strong community-based partnerships to provide free online access to local history, and the library’s vision for this project aligned perfectly with our stated mission.”

Kiley’s business partner Chris Donohue explains, “We know that all good partnerships are reciprocal, so our role is to shoulder all of the ongoing costs associated with the platform, including storage, hosting, development, infrastructure, support, and maintenance of the digital archives to ensure that this content is always available and free to access. The archives do not require a subscription, seat license, annual support contract, or any other ongoing costs or expenses to the institution or members of the Newark community.”

The Newark History Archive will be invaluable for researchers, genealogists, and historians. The easy-to-use platform will also be a powerful tool for educators, allowing them to integrate local primary sources into their lesson plans.

To access the Newark Public Library’s digital collection, visit the Newark History Archives

Advantage Archives
Phone: (855) 303-2727

About the Newark Public Library:
Founded in 1889, the Newark Public Library has long been a cornerstone of community engagement, education, and historical preservation. The Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center, located within the library, is dedicated to collecting and preserving materials related to Newark and New Jersey’s rich history.

About Advantage Archives: 
Advantage Archives forges strong, community-based partnerships with institutions across the United States with a shared goal of providing free online access to local history. These partnerships ensure that local primary sources are always available to provide a direct account of history from the perspectives of those who experienced it. For more information about creating a Community History Archive, please contact Advantage Archives at

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